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Use Basic UNIX Commands

NOTE: This document refers to software or hardware that is not currently supported by the University of Wyoming Information Technology Client Support Services. Although the information is believed to be correct, be aware that since no support is available, this information may be out-of-date or possibly no longer valid.

To change your current login password, enter passwd
To list files/directories in a directory, enter ls -al
To create a directory, enter mkdir <directory name>
To delete an empty directory, enter rmdir <directory name>
To delete a file, enter rm <filename>
To delete a directory, ALL subdirectories and files within those subdirectories (CAUTION), enter rm -r <directory name>
To move to a directory, enter cd <directory name>
To move up one directory level, enter cd ..
To Start up the tpu editor, enter tpu <filename>
To save the edited file and exit the editor, enter
(i.e. hold Ctrl key while pressing the D key or press the PF4 (the DOS key) and enter exit)
To exit the editor without saving the file, enter PF4 quit
To display the contents of a file, page by page, enter more <filename>
To display the contents of a file at one time, enter cat <filename>
Interrupt: to cause the current program to terminate execution <Ctrl>-C
Suspend: to cause the current program to be stopped <Ctrl>-Z


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Additional help with the installation and configuration of
UW-supported software is available:
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Come to the student computer lab in the lobby of the
Information Technology Center.

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