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Use HTML Tags

NOTE: Functional knowledge and use of this application is the responsibility of the user.

This page only covers the basic tags and is far from complete. For more information about HyperText Markup Language see the World Wide Web Consortium's HTML Home Page (

Tag Names
(starting and ending)




<HTML> ... </HTML> Indicates the content of this file is in the HTML language
<HEAD> ... </HEAD> Indicates the head of the document. Some tags must be inside the head tag.
<TITLE> ... </TITLE> Indicates the name of the page
<BODY> ... </BODY> Indicates the body of the page. Most text and HTML tags are placed in this area.

Text Formatting


<P> ... </P> Paragraph tag for plain text
<PRE> ... </PRE> Displays text as it appears in the original source, not as formatted by a browser
<BR> Inserts a line break
<HR> Inserts a horizontal rule on the page.
<DIV> ... </DIV> When used with ALIGN=, forces alignment

Text Appearance


<Hn> ... </Hn> Heading sizes, from largest (n=1) to smallest (n=6)
<FONT> ... </FONT> Changes the appearance of the font. Options include face, color, and size.
<B> ... </B> Makes text bold
<U> ... </U> Underlines text
<I> ... </I> Puts text in italics



<A> ... </A> Sets anchors to link documents together. Options include HREF, NAME, FTP and MAILTO



<IMG> ... </IMG> Inserts an image. Options include SRC, BORDER, HEIGHT, WIDTH, and ALIGN. The ALT option provides a description of images for non-graphical browsers.



<! ... > Comment tag. Text inside this tag does not appear on page, but is available in the HTML source.



<OL> ... </OL> Use with <LI> to create numbered lists
<UL> ... </UL> Use with <LI> to create bulleted lists
<DL> ... </DL> Use with <DT> and <DD> to create definition lists
<LI> ... </LI> List item tag
<DT> Definition list term tag
<DD> Definition list definition tag



<TABLE> ... </TABLE> Use to create a table. Note the BORDER option below.
<TABLE BORDER=1> ... </TABLE> This option ensures that the table is drawn with borders and dividers.
<TR> ... </TR> Defines a table row
<TH> ... </TH> Defines a table header
<TD> ... </TD> Defines table data


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