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UW Website Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions

Any University of Wyoming (UW) entity, including colleges, divisions, departments, affiliates, faculty, staff, and recognized student organizations (RSOs) are entitled to a website on the UW central web servers.


UW Website Creation Guidelines

Each entity listed on an official UW organization chart should maintain a single official university website. Official UW websites should exhibit a uniform and cohesive identity that incorporate approved UW brand elements. Websites should provide accessible, accurate, and informative content and be used for legal purposes. The following website creation guidelines promote an organized and sustainable website system to be used in a manner consistent with the UW mission.

UW Organization Charts

Official University Websites

Official University Websites include the University of Wyoming home page (; academic department and program pages; office, administrative, and support unit pages; news and information pages; and any other World Wide Web address on the domain that is otherwise sponsored or endorsed or created on authority of a university department or administrative unit.

Requirements for New Official University Websites

Requests for new Official University Websites should meet the following requirements:

  1. Be listed on an official UW division organization chart and not already have an existing unit website.
  2. Be able to provide the name, UWYO email address, and university phone number of the website manager whose job duties include maintenance of the official unit website.
  3. Be able to provide a UW phone number and UWYO email address for the requesting unit, along with the name and contact information of the department head or director.
  4. Be able to clearly define the site's purpose and intended audience.

All official university websites must use UW's Content Management System except in cases where a site is technically required to run on a separate platform. Any exceptions must be approved by Institutional Marketing.

Official University Websites may be requested at:

Requests for Official University Websites are reviewed and approved monthly.

Supplemental Website Addresses

Official University Websites also may use vanity URLs that can be used to publicize events or topics contained on pages within a parent site. For example, a special event could be publicized with the URL that would redirect a visitor to an internal page such as

Supplemental Website Addresses may be requested at:

Additional Official Websites

Additional website requests must be submitted to the UW Website Committee for approval.

Additional Official University Websites may be requested at:

Requests for additional Official University Websites are reviewed and approved monthly.

Unofficial Websites

Unofficial Websites are maintained by individual university computer account holders on university servers, such as personal faculty and staff web pages; individual student web pages, university-recognized student organization web pages and internal administrative websites.

Student Website Requests:

Faculty or Staff Websites:

RSO Website Requests:

Internal Administrative Website Requests:
Additional Internal Administrative Websites may be requested at:

Central Web Site Management Request Form (

Central Web Site Management Request Form

Service request forms covering various aspects of UW Web site management.

The Central Web Site Management Request Form allows you to get site work accomplished as efficiently as possible. These forms can be used to perform the following tasks:

  • Create new sites (including Recognized Student Organization sites)
  • Delete existing sites
  • Modify management and authoring of sites (by UWYO domain account)
  • Modify users allowed to browse restricted sites (by UWYO domain account)
  • Lookup Site Configuration Information
  • Request DNS Hosted Sites (**Fees required)
  • Request WWW site redirect work
  • Request database DSN work
  • Request site configuration changes
  • Request site quota changes (**Fees required for increases)
  • Efficiently contact Information Technology about other site requests

Information on all uwyo sites must be related to University of Wyoming work and cannot be personal in nature. If you have a question as to the validity of your information, please contact your IT user consultant, and they can help you determine if the information is appropriate. See UNIREG 690 ( for the legal description governing this policy.

Please Note:  Site managers and authors are responsible for writing SECURE code and implementing secure coding practices. Failure to have secure code on your site may result in your site being down and/or being shut down by Information Technology until the problem is proven to have been resolved.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get help with my Web site?

There are a variety of ways to get help with your entity's website:

  1. The AskIT website ( provides multiple how-to and FAQ documents for UW Web site development as well as links to other Web development online resources.
  2. UW Institutional Marketing provides institutional consultation for websites managed through the UW Content Management System (CMS) on an appointment basis. See the UW Institutional Marketing site ( for more information.
  3. IT provides training opportunities to UW faculty and staff on a variety of topics and for a variety of applications used at UW. See the IT Training website ( for more information.
  4. If you are unsure of the services or support offered, the best initial contact for anything computer related, including your Web sites, is the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP, option 1, or They can help determine the best path for your question or request and route it accordingly to get it resolved as efficiently as possible.

What are the naming conventions for UW Web sites?

IT maintains a standard naming convention for UW websites to lessen the affects of attacks to web servers coming in with strings that contain non-standard characters. These standards will help to secure the UW web servers as well as help to minimize problems with various web software programs.  

Website names can contain

  • the standard set of characters A thru Z and numbers 0 thru 9
  • the following non-standard characters only
      - (dash)
     _ (underscore)
  • 15 characters or less

Website names can not contain

  • spaces

How much space am I allocated in my site? Can I purchase extra space?

Each website is allocated 1GB of space free of charge. If an entity wants additional space beyond the 1GB limit, it is available in 1GB increments for $2 per year. Additional space can be requested through your IT user consultant (

Can my site be password protected?

Yes. UW sites can be restricted in one of two ways:

NOTE: A site as a whole is either restricted or not. Certain directories within a site cannot be restricted while others are not restricted. If you need to restrict a specific directory within a site, you will need to request a new site, request that it be restricted, and then move the pages you want restricted to the new site.

  1. Single username and password restriction: A specific username and password can be provided for each site, and the author of the site can give this information out to any individual they want to be able to browse the site. When an individual tries to browse to the site, they will be prompted to enter the username and password before they are able to see any of the pages within the site.

    The username will be created to match the name of the site (i.e. would have a username of class5). The password can be determined by the author of the site.
  2. Existing domain security group restriction: A site can be restricted to only allow members of an existing domain security group to browse the site. A site can be restricted to only allow browse access to individuals with a UWYO domain account, with either UWSTUDENTS or UWEMPLOYEES group affiliation, a specific college affiliation, or a specific department affiliation.

    NOTE: At this time, we do not create, populate, or manage domain security groups other than those recognized by Human Resources as a UW college or department.

How do I gain author access to my basic website on WWW or WEBDEV to edit it?

Access to a basic website on WWW or WEBDEV can be gained in the following ways:  

  • You can access it via the LAN share by selecting the Start menu, selecting Run, and typing in \\www\sitename$ (or \\webdev\sitename$) or by mapping a network drive to \\www\sitename$ (or \\webdev\sitename$). See How to Map a Network Drive ( for instructions on mapping a drive in Windows.
  • See How to Access Your Web Share through WyoSecure VPN
  • If you are using a Mac, please use the following instructions based on the location of your site:

    In the Go menu select Connect to Server. In the address field type the URL of your site using the following syntax:

    • for use smb://$
    • for use smb://$
    • for uwstudentweb basic sites use smb://$

Access to the UW Content Management System is managed by UW Institutional Marketing. Training is mandatory before access is granted to the system. A schedule of CMS training classes is available at

Also see How to Access Your Web Share through WyoSecure VPN.

Are there any standard UW graphics or templates defined?

Yes. All official UW websites that are managed through the CMS use standard branded templates that provide a consistent layout and navigation structure throughout the primary UW website. Inclusion of the UW brand elements on a non-CMS site must be approved by Institutional Marketing before a site is developed. See UW Web Presence information (

If I run a web server outside of IT, will IT create a redirect for my server on the main WWW server to keep with the UW naming convention?

Yes, to request a redirect please go to the ( and fill out the form under Request WWW Redirect Work.

Are statistics available for my Web site?

To accommodate the request for web log data for websites located on the UW central servers, the following methods of providing web log files are available.

  1. Statistics are available at
  2. It is possible for more sophisticated users to access the entire website logs that are generated, copy them to their computer, and manipulate them any way they need to. Access to the website logs is gained via a LAN share: select the Start menu, click Run, and type \\servername\web_logs$\, where servername is the web server your site resides on You can then drill down to the specific log files you are interested in. Log files are kept for each individual virtual web server. Only Web logs for the previous six months will be kept, and if space becomes an issue, it may be necessary to decrease that timeframe in the future.
  3. Though statistical analysis is not provided for DNS hosted sites, access to the raw log files is provided for you to process manually. The share location for the files can be accessed by going to \\servername\web_logs$, where servername is the main part of your DNS hosted site's name. For example, if your site is named, the share is \\business\web_logs$; if your site is named, the share is \\sixthmanclub\web_logs$.

How can I determine if my site has any broken links?

  • If your site is a UW Content Management System site, go to and click on the link "View Content Management Broken Link Stats."
  • If your site is not in the UW Content Management System, you can use a broken link checking program. A freeware program called XENU is available at or you can Google (or search the Internet using another search engine) for "XENU broken link checker."

Is there support on the central Web servers for connecting to a database from a Web page?

Yes. A data source name (DSN) can be created for your site to connect to a database.

Can I use an Access 2007 database with my Web Site?

The drivers to allow the usage of Access 2007 Databases are available on the web servers. This means that, if you have Access 2007, you can now use a database in this new format (.accdb) on your web site.  In order to have a DSN set up to use Access 2007 drivers:

  • Please submit your request through under Request Site Configuration Change
  •  Check the box for Add or Remove External Data Access
  •  In the text box labeled Please give a detailed explanation of any other changes you would like on this site or add additional information specify that you would like a DSN set up for ACCESS 2007.

What is a database connection string example for the SQL Server Express (SSE) service provided by IT?

SSE connection string example:

Provider=sqloledb;Data Source=BOUNTYHUNTER\RLDS,6008;UID=sa;Password=[YourPassword]

More information on SSE can be found at

What is SQL Injection and how can I prevent it in my Web site?


Is there a calendar system available for websites?

Yes. The main UW calendar is named "WyoCal" and allows individual departments to submit events that can show up in a sub calendar on their websites as well as the main calendar. To request a sub calendar for your department, please contact the UW IT Help Desk via email at or call 766-4357.

Is there a multimedia Web server available at UW?

Yes. See the Streaming Media Server FAQ ( for more information.

How can I use video on my CMS website?

See How to Use Video Content on a UW CMS Site ( for more information.

Is there a central search engine for UW websites and servers?

Yes. See the UW Google Search Engine FAQ ( for more information.

What is SSL, and how can I use it?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a method of securing data communications that take place over the Internet between a person's Web browser and the site they are browsing to. SSL takes all data that is passed over the Internet, encrypts it on the sending side, and decrypts it on the receiving side. The encryption and decryption process is unique to the entities involved because of a handshaking process that takes place prior to any sensitive data being transferred.

For more information on SSL and SSL certificates see the SSL FAQ (

What UW central websites require the use of SSL to browse or edit them?

To help ensure that confidential information cannot be compromised, SSL is now required to be used wherever this type of information might travel across any networks. Previously, SSL was available but not mandatory; however, with the increasing availability of more sophisticated hacking tools, it has become necessary to make the use of SSL mandatory.

As of March 2005, the previous optional use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is now required on the UW central Web servers for the following types of sites:

  • Sites requiring authentication to browse them - Sites that require a login to be able to browse / view them, require SSL (i.e. type https:// before the URL of the site). Browsing regular sites that do not require a login to access them are not affected by this change.
  • Editing FrontPage Sites - In order to edit any FrontPage-extended site on WEBDEVFP, UWADMNWEB, UWACADWEB, and UWSTUDENTFPWEB, you must use SSL (i.e. type https:// before the URL of the site) to gain edit access to the site.

For more information on SSL and SSL certificates see the SSL FAQ (

Should I run PWS or IIS on my desktop computer?

No. Information Technology does not recommend or support the installation of Personal Web Server (PWS) or Internet Information Server (IIS) on a desktop computer. Inherently, running a Web service or an FTP service opens your computer up to everyone on the Internet, including all the hackers and hacker software that is out there. Additionally, Microsoft releases security patches and hot fixes frequently that are absolutely necessary to securing your computer. It can take a lot of time to fully research, test, and deploy these issues and patches. For these reasons, IT recommends that you use the UW central Web servers for your Web sites.

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Additional help with the installation and configuration of
UW-supported software is available:
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Come to the student computer lab in the lobby of the
Information Technology Center.

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