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Alumni News: 2009

Department of Theatre and Dance

Welcome to the 2009 edition of the Alumni News!


Feel free to use our handy online class notes feature to keep in touch, make contacts, or just find out who’s doing what and where, who’s moved, or who’s gotten hitched or started a family. Send us a note of your own to add to the next edition. We'd love to hear from you!


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Denison, Jill,

I've spent the last 7 years studying a movement system designed for dancers to encourage technique and reduce injury called, Gyrotonic. I have been employed in Chicago, Washington D.C., Beijing China, and I'm currently working with the contemporary ballet company, LINES Ballet, based out of San Francisco. I have enjoyed traveling all over the world for a myriad of reasons and continue to dig deeper into the dance world to quench my increasing thirst of where dance is at the moment.

Jill Denison

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Lindsey, Catherine,

Catherine has spent the last four years working as production manager for an award-winning documentary film company in Denver; the company folded the same week they got short-listed for an Oscar. Happily, she was able to call in a few favors in the Denver theatre community and is now (more or less) gainfully employed as the Administrative Coordinator at the Mizel Arts and Culture Center; she's still doing one or two Equity contracts a year (mostly hookers and lesbians, naturally) and raising her son Jack with her husband David.

Catherine (DiBella) Lindsey

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Jenkins, Paulie,

Lighting Designer for the Magical Starlight Electrical Parade which opened March 6, 2009, at Universal Studios, Osaka, Japan. Currently in Wyoming doing research for the sequel to my novel "Following the Eagle".

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Walrath, Elaine,

I'm currently living in Santa Monica, CA, working as an assistant editor on "Leverage" starring Timothy Hutton on TNT. Recently joined IATSE Local 700 Editor's Guild. I own a company that manufactures and sells hoola-hoops on the internet. (

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Neergaard, Garrett,

I've had a busy year. Last summer I filmed a short scene in my girlfriend's first full-length feature film called Sad Sack Sally. I spent the fall in Baltimore, MD at Baltimore Centerstage playing Barnaby in Thorton Wilder's The Matchmaker. Then I was up in Rochester, NY during the winter doing a new play by playwright Dan O'Brien called The House In Hydesville. Hope all is well in Laramie. Give my best to everyone.

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Mayer, Gavin,

After eleven years of teaching theatre at Pomona High School in Arvada, Colorado, I have resigned my position to pursue an MFA in Directing at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida.

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Schroeder, Heather,

Hello all! We do have big news indeed! I'm pleased to say that after five years together that began right there at UW Theatre & Dance, Jonny Schroeder and I were married here in Colorado this January! It was a beautiful wedding, and a perfect week with friends and family, and we are living in happily wedded bliss now. We have both been working fairly consistently in Denver's theater scene; I am just about to close a production of "Move Over Mrs. Markham," a British farce, at Miner's Alley Playhouse, and Jonny has just finished with (another!) children's show at Littleton Town Hall Arts Center. This one was about dinosaurs, how cute! Last year, I was also signed on to Maximum Talent Agency, so I have been trying to dip my toes in the commercial world, learning the ropes of the very different audition process. We even have a couple call-backs today, so we are busy indeed; maybe someday we'll actually get to work together! Of course we have also entered the mainstream work force since we left UW; Jonny is a bartender at On the Border Mexican Restaurant, and I cut hair at Toni and Guy salon. And although we're pretty happy in those positions, we do plan to move to NYC in January to try for the big time; wish us luck! Denver, however, has been good to us, and given us a wonderful chance to build up our resumes and get some experience, so we will be sad to leave it, our families, and UW behind (at least geographically!). Right now, though, the only thing we can think much about is our honeymoon in Spain next month, yay! Hope all the other alumni and teachers at UW TH&D are doing great; we miss you all, and look forward to reading your updates. Best wishes, Heather and Jonny Schroeder

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Montgomery, Dodie,

Howdy All! I still work for Tricklock Theatre Company in Albuquerque New Mexico. I just directed a production of "The Velocity of Gary" starring ABQ's very own Chad Brummett - you can look for him in movies like 3:10 to Yuma, The Spirit, Beer for my Horses, Swing Vote, Georgia O'Keeffe and Easy Money- it was an incredible experience to get to direct that guy. The most generous actor I have ever met. Currently on stage - our original production of Catgut Strung Violin - it goes on tour to Canada this summer for a month. This fall the company will go to Poland for a month for a collaborative project with Theatre Figur Krakov - made possible by the Trust for Mutual Understanding - the collaboration will bring 5 company members from Poland to ABQ for a month of rehearsals and the collaboration will premier in the Revolutions International Theatre Festival 2010 - our 10th anniversary! By the way this year's 10th anniversary is going to be extraordinary - we are bringing in Double Edge Theatre for starters - intrigued? Plus more companies from Canada, Poland, Africa....Can't wait to see all this great theatre! We are bringing in Kate Wiess from the University of Alberta to direct Tricklock Company in a re-imagined version of Cymbeline! Can't wait can't wait! And I will also teach this fall at the University of New Mexico. Phew - crazy fall line up! But in the mean time it's all about Margaritas and sleep. I hope all is magical in everyone's world! hugs and kisses

Dodie Montgomery

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Rockey, Kellie Rae,

Hi there! Spring has sprung at the Rockey house, which means a heck of a lot of yard work and the beginning of season auditions all over town. The Denver Center/Colorado Theatre Guild combined auditions were last week and turned out to be a ton of fun. Our son Sawyer is three and showing signs of theatre potential. Last year, during Election Night, he had to accompany me to a tech rehearsal for "An O. Henry Christmas" because we'd moved the tech so we could all be home to watch the returns come in. As I was getting in makeup he said, "Mommy you are handsome--we go on stage now?" and a couple of weeks ago as I was visiting a lighting designer friend at work he said, "No, Mommy, you go. I help Aunt Star with these big lights." Rockey is enjoying his job a lot and we are so glad to be back in Denver after living north a bit for the last couple of years. Wishing everyone broken legs!--Kellie (Lawson) Rockey

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Rudolph, Sarah,

After pushing for a new theatre facility for nearly two decades at the University of Wisconsin Marathon County, Sarah Rudolph (BA 1982) delights in watching as work begins on preparing the site for a new building to house a new theatre. Rudolph even accepted the irony involved when one of the bulldozers demolishing the old properties on the cite hit her new auto.

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Bose, Bridget,

I just moved to New York City in April to pursue dance. I am dancing with a small contemporary company, Eyes of a Blue Dog and I have a gig in June at the Beacon theatre that might tour to a few cities on the east coast. I also have a work study job at Broadway Dance Center so I can take class whenever I want. A group of friends and I are organizing a performance in September to perform off-broadway and I'm auditioning for everything that comes my way. I'm loving the city & all the amazing opportunities for artists! Go Pokes!

Bridget Bose

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Morelli, Mike,

Hey all! I'm working at Michigan Technological University as the Director of the Rozsa Center for the Performing Arts. The Center is building an Art gallery this summer to go along with our 5 series and 4 resident companies which contribute over 100 performances a year to the community. I'm pleased as punch to still be married to Emily (I'm hoping she doesn't wise up any time soon) and am proud as can be of Gabby, (2) even though she's learned the word "no" and Annan, (17) who is finishing High School in Germany and competing in the European tournament in soccer. Take care

- Mike Morelli

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Galaites, Jimmie,

Just got to hang out with Leigh Selting and the latest generation of UW Theatre alumni in NYC for the first ever UW Actor Presentations in Times Square!  As a result I'm now in talks with Lynne Jebens of the Krasny Agency. My lovely wife Lisa has taken a new job as office manager for the non-profit company Inner Resilience. My toddler Ella has begun an early examination of animal essence work, choosing a dog. I know this more because she told me she was a dog than the actual essence work.  :)

Jimmie Galaites

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Clarke, Kathleen,

I'm still teaching at Green River High School. But ....the end is nearing. Hopefully retirement from teaching will come next year! I have for most of my career taught theatre and art and continue to do so. A fall play, spring musical and state drama have been the backbone of my yearly theatrical production for 1/4 of a century! My students are spread far and wide! I am now in the category of grandteacher. My students now tell me I remind of them of their grandma. Ah! How life moves on. I have three outstanding students who are currently working on "Agnes of God" which we will be producing as a fundraiser to help our Green River Arts Council purchase another bronze sculpture for their very active program. Oh! yes! I did get married in 2007. This event was unexpected in my life. Mr. Warren Clarke is a wonderful man who is multitalented and shares my interest in the outdoors, mechanical "things", music, art and he will attend my plays! He takes off his cowboy hat for the people sitting behind him! No children, three dogs and a fancy dump truck, thats our life! Wyoming has always been the place I needed to reside and I remain here, content with my choice.

Kathleen (Clymer) Clarke

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Goble, Laurel,

I am living in Fort Smith, AR, where I am currently attending the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith for a bachelors degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography. I will complete that degree in May of 2010. I am also getting married this July to Justin George of Tulsa, OK. He is going to the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith pursuing a degree in Math Education.

Laurel Goble

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Larson, Skip,

Being retired was no fun, so I joined the Reston Community Players, am on the Board, and have been designing and building such shows as THE FULL MONTY, GUYS & DOLLS, and the newly released CURTAINS. Also, have been teaching a tech class for high school students as well as sets and props for the Maryland Youth Ballet. So, you can see, I'm no longer bored.

Skip Larson

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Little, Scott,

Hey! I'm still working at Emory University and loving the job. Not so happy about the fact that it is in Georgia, but every time I ask them to move the university out west, I get strange looks! I am the Director of Technical Theater, which is basically TD and Production Manager all rolled into one hellacious good time. My son, Keegan, is now 13 years old. Which makes me feel about 120. He lives in Iowa most of the year but spends summers with me, usually in Colorado.

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Peterson, Steve,

I played John of Gaunt in "Richard II" for the UpRising Theatre Co. in North Hollywood in January.  I am completing the school year teaching Shakespeare and appearing in In-School Programs in and around Los Angeles for the Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga, CA and Shakespeare at Play in Burbank, CA and haven't the foggiest idea of what I'm doing the rest of this summer. 

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Capone Evans, Angel(a),

I'm still living in Casper, Wyoming, and am now working in the Children's Department of the Natrona County Public Library. Storytelling and theater are not much different! I also got married on New Year's Eve this past year. Very very busy!

Angela (Capone) Evans

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Stroppel, Thomas,

This year I graduated from the Professional Actor Training Program at the University of Washington with my MFA in Acting. In the fall I will be moving to LA to begin working in the Film/Television industry. This summer I am shooting several short films for various festivals around the country and am going on a month long road trip to Canada and the western US! Hooray!

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Brownsted, Anna,

I'm at the halfway point with my practice-based research MA at Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Amazing school, amazing program, amazing city. I'm currently working with an ensemble of performers and developing a new play called IGGY & EM, which will have it's first production this September. I'll travel to Massachusetts in July to direct a production of J.T. Rogers' WHITE PEOPLE at Shakespeare & Company in the Berkshires. ( Also playing this season at S&Co. is my second writing collaboration with director Irina Brook. CINDY BELLA (OR THE GLASS SLIPPER) is a family-friendly, contemporary musical adaptation of Rossini's La Cenerentola, which will open in December. My producing partner Hetty Wooding and I are pleased to announce that last month marks the birth of our new UK-based theatre company: secret creatures. ( Our focus is to create intimate theatrical experiences. We're currently devising our inaugural show (THIS IS TINY TOWN), which is a city-wide promenade piece with an interactive, scavenger-hunt-style element to it. Our website is still under construction but once it's up and running we hope you'll visit to keep up with future projects. Jackie O. is doing really well--almost fully recovered from her dog-attack. She seems quite happy to be living in a city again (especially one with such fantastic parks!) and she loves our super sunny Chelsea flat. All in all, London life is very good and although I'm retaining my Southern accent, I don't expect to be moving back to the States any time soon. That said, feel free to come visit!

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Nako, Claudine Mboligikpelani,

Hello all! I graduated with my B.F.A. in May of 2008 and went on to have an eventful year of theatre madness! I acted in Idaho Repertory Theatre's summer season playing Tansy in "The Nerd" and Feste in "Twelfth Night". It was a great experience and I made a lot of wonderful friends with whom I am still in touch. In August, I moved out to Louisville, KY to work as an acting apprentice with Actors Theatre of Louisville. At ATL, I acted in "Dracula", "A Christmas Carol", a 24-hour play festival, 2 evenings of original 10-minute works, and "Brink!"--which was featured in the Humana Festival of New American Plays. I returned to Laramie after completing the apprenticeship, and will be performing as Cathy in the Snowy Range Summer Theatre's July 2009 production of the musical "The Last Five Years" with fellow alum Chris Will! I'm excited to hear about what everyone is up to now. Keep the updates coming, and good luck (break a leg?) to you all in your future endeavors--theatre or otherwise!

Nako :~)

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Grandpre, Jason,

Hello All!  I am living back in L.A. working at Entertainment Lighting Services as a Project Manager/System Designer for installed projects. Everything is going well here.   I have been back in L.A. for two years now. Before that I was in Seattle, WA, working as Senior Systems Designer for Ward Design Group (Theatrical Consultants). Working back in L.A is a lot dryer and seeing the sun more than two months a year sure has helped my outlook on life!  I am still freelancing Lighting Designs when I have time. It has been nice to read about what all my old dear friends are doing and I wish you all good luck in all your endeavors!

9015 1/4 Rangely Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90048

Jason Grandpre

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Thompson, Terolyn,

I will be entering my 6th year of being an elementary school teacher out here in sunny Las Vegas. I will be teaching 1st grade this year. I still teach theatre on the weekends and some week nights, as well as organize shows for my school. I am the proud mother to a very chatty and energetic 4 1/2 year old son who has a flair for the dramatic (go figure!). He decided 2 1/2 years ago that he wanted to be a rock star (playing guitar)and a performer. Could he be a future WYO student? We'll have to see!

Terolyn Thompson

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Dickson, Jonas,

What's up everyone! Hi Leigh! I live in Los Angeles. I build sets for the Pasadena Playhouse, which is the certified California State Theatre. It's a big beautiful historic theatre. I intern for a commercial agent at Talentworks, who I'm currently in talks with about getting signed. I just landed a role in a feature film. I am thinking about joining AFTRA soon. I get auditions at least three days a week, many times more than one a day. I have a dog and a girlfriend who I've been with for two years. I freelance as a handyman/carpenter. And I just got a job as a script supervisor on a music video last weekend where I met all kinds of working industry folks who want to work with me again. Life is super exciting! Take care! Hope all is well!

Jonas Dickson

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Hahn, Shawna,

Well it's been a year since I've graduated and life is good. Last summer after graduation I got a job as an office manager at a Dentist office...not quite my cup of tea. So I quickly found a new job at Ark Regional Services working with adults with developmental disabilities. It wasn't long before my new job turned into my dream career. It's not quite theatre but it always seems that I'm using the knowledge I gained from UW theatre in my daily work routine. A few months ago I became a group home supervisor and absolutely love it. My husband Josh and I bought a new house and we are learning that no matter how "turn key" they say it is, it never is!... but we are having fun making it our own. No kids yet.

Shawna (Roth) Hahn

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Deist, Jeff,

As you have already figured out I'm not very good at staying in touch.  I still live in L.A.   At the moment I am currently employed at Legacy Effects (formerly Stan Winston Studios). We are in the business of special makeup effects ( monsters, makeup, puppets, animatronics, etc). Currently, we are working on Iron Man 2, and several commercial projects. The last time you might have seen me was as the pig eating ham for Boost Mobile. They let me out of the cage for that. On the family front Lisa has put up with me for sixteen years and should receive a medal or sainthood. I guess she enjoys the insanity. Speaking of which, my only daughter Sadie (12) came back from acting class(her choice) the other night and informed me that she had to go "full retard" in her scene. Watch Tropic Thunder and then you will get that.

Jeff Deist
17226 San Fernando Mission Blvd
Granada Hills, CA  91344

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Neff, Rhonda,

I still live in Aspen, CO with Jason Diaz. We got our first baby, a Yorkie dog named Lil'Dude. He keeps us busy as can be. I am leaving in the fall to attend Law School in Phoenix. I am looking forward to finishing that part of my life and moving on.

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Bowman, Paige,

Howdy all! I am currently in Chadron NE (yes...) getting my teaching certifications at Chadron State in K-8 grade, as well as 7-12 grade drama! I spent last year substituting and discovered that I enjoy being in the classroom.   I also had a lot of encouragement to get certified while subbing.... so it's what I am doing! I have two more semesters in Chadron and then I student teach! I am hoping to come back to Wyoming and teach for a while, ideally in Cheyenne or Laramie!

Paige Bowman

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Hill, Mike,

Hello UW!  I just finished a run of the musical Ragtime (in the role of Coalhouse Walker Jr.) at Centerstage Theater in Overland Park, Kansas. Next month, I'll begin rehearsals to play Jim in Big River at Musical Theater Heritage in Kansas City, MO.

Mike "Mykel" Hill,  BTD '90

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Will, Chris,

I am now teaching Musical Theatre at Western Wyoming College. We have two little girls who are 3 (Cailtin) and 1 (Ashlee) years old. We are thilled to be back in the great state of Wyoming. I'm acting in the Snowy Range Summer Theatre production of the musical The Last Five Years this summer at UW.

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Buhmann, Emmett,

Hi there! In June 2009 I graduated with my MFA in lighting design from the University of California - Irvine. Since graduation I have moved to Lubbock, Texas to support my wife Heather as she pursues her Masters Degree. I have been hired as the Master Electrician/Scene Shop Foreman for the department of Theatre and Dance; a position that didn't exist before I got the job. In addition to this I have done some musical and event lighting for local college and semi-professional organizations.

Emmett Buhmann

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Formby, Dana,

Dana Lynn Formby is a blue-collar playwright whose attitude has been carved by the relentless Wyoming wind -- lips tight, eyes squinted, legs crossed because god knows what could blow in. Her recent plays include "Corazon de Manzana", invited to the 2009 WordBRIDGE Play Lab; "The Small of Her Back", a 2009 Kendeda Finalist; "Inherit the Whole", which was presented in readings at Premiere Stages and Victory Gardens Theater; "Armed with Peanut Butter", winner of the 2009 Kennedy Center National 10-minute Playwriting Award and soon to be produced at The 2009 Source Festival. Dana is the 2008 recipient of the Scott McPherson Playwriting Award.

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Jones, Alissa,

Shortly after graduating with my BFA in technical theatre I began working for Ark Regional Services in Laramie. I volunteered for a short time with their theatre program while I worked as Direct Support Staff with the clients there. I loved working there so much that I decided to go into the nursing field. I just graduated May 18th, 2009 from Laramie County Community College with my ADN!! I was just offered my first Registered Nursing job at Ivinson Memorial Hospital, and begin working there on June 8 in the Behavioral Health department.

Alissa Jones

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Simpson, Pete,

Pete Simpson (Class of '92) Pete recently returned to New York with his wife, Naama, after a two-year (!) stint of performing with, co-directing and co-managing Blue Man Group's European theatrical tour (Amsterdam, Netherlands; Stuttgart, Germany; Basel, Switzerland). He is now working part-time with Blue Man in New York. Upon his NY arrival, he was also cast in Richard Maxwell's "People Without History," which received some good press, including the New York Times review here: Pete was also cast for the European tour of the award winning experimental group Elevator Repair Service's stage version of "The Sound and the Fury" (Amsterdam and Vienna in June of this summer) Pete workshopped Pulitzer-finalist Will Eno's new play "Middletown" at the Vineyard Theater; hoping it moves on! He has also re-teamed with Obie Award winning playwright/director Young Jean Lee to perform in her Off-Broadway production of "King Lear." A workshop for it was publicly staged this May and will workshop again in the Fall. The show will open at Soho Rep in January of 2010. BACK TO OL' U-DUB IN 2010! Pete and Naama are rearing up for their semester of guest work with the UWDTD, and for saddling up with the students and Leigh for another go at Shakespeare, this time with "Hamlet" (a full 18 years after Leigh directed him in "Romeo and Juliet" on the UW mainstage)! Very excited for this! Juliet Lashinsky-Revene directed Pete in her film, "Suction" this summer. Pete is also mid-workshop in the new Melissa James Gibson play, "This," starring opposite Parker Posey (Playwright's Horizons). No guarantees on the final casting, so all fingers are crossed! In May of 2010, Pete will join the experimental group "Rainpan 43" for its original production, The Accountant ( All the Best to Everybody! Have a great summer!

Pete Simpson

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Stolte, Adam,

Life is as busy as ever. I am in the middle of my 3rd year as Technical Manager for the 'Arvada Center - Performing Arts' in Arvada Colorado. Fortunately, we have been doing very well with the bad economy and our seasons are getting bigger and better than ever. After finishing 'Big River' this summer, we will open our next season with 'Miss Saigon','The Second Tosca', 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat', 'A Man for All Seasons', 'Nine', and 'All Shook Up'. The Arvada Center has many opportunities for all of the areas of the industry for aspiring professionals. I would like nothing more than to have fine members of our crews from UW, so if anyone is interested in starting or continuing their career in a regional theatre in the Denver area, please inquire. My Wife, Darci, and my son, Jackson (3), and I still live in Denver and life is treating all of us well. GO UW!

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Antles, Megan,

Life in theatre post-graduation has been an adventure! I've gotten plugged into the Warehouse Theatre Company (in association with Allied Arts Company), in Yakima, WA. I was able to play Elizabeth Bennet in the classic, Pride and Prejudice, and was thankful for the great dialect coaching I received at UW from Lou Ann Wright - I felt more than prepared for the part. I received a "Winnie Award" for best new actor for that role. I'm also happy to announce that I will be directing the play, ALMOST, MAINE at the Warehouse Theatre Company in February 2009.

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Martin, Lance,

Well everyone I am still in Laramie and am working at the University for now in the Administration sector. I am still getting more and more certifications for Stage Combat and look forward to someday actually going to Grad School for this field and then doing something more with it. Right now I will have to settle for the biggest news for me this year and that is my wife and I are expecting our first child in August 2009!  I hope to see everyone when they are around town. If you are in and feel like a beer or dinner please give an email or a ring 307-760-9106.

Lance Martin

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Christian, Cheyenne,

Im living in Laramie, working at the ARK as a group home supervisor and assisting people with developmental disabilities in the Creative Arts Center's theatre productions.


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Matthews, Jessie,

Hey everyone!  I moved from Minnesota to North Carolina in 2007. I love it here. I work as a CNA and Medical Aide most of the time. Right now I'm working with the Montford Park Players in Asheville, NC.  I'm designing two sets for the summer season, Cymbeline and Taming of the Shrew. Take care,

Jessie Matthews

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Slaten, Brian,

I am currently acting in Conor McPherson's "The Good Thief" with the Slant Theater Company in NYC. It is a one man show, and I really love it.  It has been a new kind of challenge and is rewarding and scary in a whole new way!

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Pitts, Kyle,

My husband Andrew and I had a baby last summer; August 30, 2008. Her name is Ellis Fran Pitts. She's great and motherhood is awesome. We now live in Littleton, CO.

Kyle (Watts) Pitts

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Lehman, Erin,

After graduation I completely left the theater scene (even though I still love it!).  I am currently in Montana and work at a law firm and am contemplating law school. Good luck to everyone!

Erin Lehman

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Stellingwerf, Leean,

Leean Kim Stellingwerf has been accepted into Ohio University's MFA Playwriting Program beginning Fall 2009.

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Cozzens, Lindsay,

I booked a contract with Disney Cruise Line opening Hunter Bell and Jeff Bowens' (Tony Award for Title of Show) new "Villains" musical as Evil Queen from Snow White. A new villain for me! :) It's a year long and will be a European contract. I'm pretty thrilled to be a part of an original cast, especially because the audition callback process was such a bloodbath!

Lindsay Cozzens

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Adams, Anne,

After six and a half years with Royal Caribbean International, most of those years as a production manager, I will be resigning this June and moving back to the States. My boyfriend and I are looking into cities with productive entertainment venues & casinos and we are starting our search in Las Vegas. We will be there in June, then we'll be in Helena, MT during July & August. After that, either back down to Vegas or on to Plan B (C or D). On to the next big adventure!

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Grandpre, Jason,

Hello All!   I am living back in L.A. working at Entertainment Lighting Services as a Project Manager/System Designer for installed projects. Everything is going well here.  I have been back in L.A. for two years now. Before that I was in Seattle, WA, working as a Senior Systems Designer for Ward Design Group (Theatrical Consultants). Working back in L.A is a lot dryer and seeing the sun more than two months a year sure has helped my outlook on life!  I am still freelancing Lighting Designs when I have time. It has been nice to read about what all my old dear friends are doing and I wish them all good luck in all their endeavors.

Jason Grandpre

9015 1/4 Rangely Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90048

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McCann, Tiffany,

Hi everyone! I'm currently living in Gillette, WY. Just moved into a new home and enjoying spending time with my family, especially my nephew, Camron. This past spring I was given the opportunity to teach dance at several schools in Campbell County and Weston County for the Choose Dance program that is offered every year at that time. There is a performance given by the South Campus High School students with the dance routines that they've learned. It was a blast! I also was working at Rozet Elementary as a Title 1 Teacher Assistant. I'm expecting my first child, which appears to be a girl, in October 2009. Hope all are doing well!

Tiffany McCann

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Howe, Tamara,

Tamara and her husband Steven and son Isak (2) reside in Salina, KS. Tamara opened the Tamara Howe School of Dance 2 years ago and it is growing every year. We had a wonderful recital this past year with over 160 students! We also welcomed some familiar faces as guest artists...thank you Marsha Knight and General Hambrick! Tamara and her husband are excited to welcome their second addition to their family in January...surprise! If you are ever through Salina...stop in and say hi!

Tamara (Kocher) Howe

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Gill, Bryce,

I have just finished my second year at NYU's Graduate Acting program and I am heading to Minneapolis in June to participate in the Guthrie Experience at the Guthrie Theatre. It is a program in which 12 students who have just finished their second year of grad school, in various programs throughout the country, are invited to take classes, see performances, and eventually perform an original piece of theatre at the end of July.

Bryce Gill

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Quinn, Kristi,

My Pilates studio, Bodycenter Studios, is celebrating our 10 year anniversary. We are also moving to a new 3500 sq. ft. space which is very exciting for us! My daughter Claire turned two in February this year. We attend creative dance classes every week. Great to hook up with many of you on Facebook!  Kristi (Milner) Quinn

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Avery, Ramsey,

-- Supervising Art Director on G-FORCE -- Lead Creative Director for Marvel Comics Dubailand (currently on hold, sigh) -- Art Director for EDGE OF DARKNESS (Mel Gibson) and CATS AND DOGS 2 reshoots -- designing new "Respect the Pouch" campaign for Capri Sun -- got married to my life partner of 22 (almost 23) years, Scott Ault, and still am... at least in CA, NY, MA, VT, and CT. And South Africa. -- interviewing, interviewing, interviewing; it's tough out here these days.

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