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10 Things Only UW Students Know

Full student section at UW football game
Snow, the Beer Song and Skater Guy... these words will forever be engraved in UW students' mind.

Every college experience is different, and no two students go through their time at the University of Wyoming the same way. However, there are some things that are unique to the UW experience and that many students here can relate to. Here is a list of 10 things that only UW students know:

#1 Class is almost NEVER canceled for weather, so invest in a good pair of snow boots.

UW students know that the weather in Laramie can be, well...unpredictable. You might start your day bundled up in layers and end it with the windows rolled down. This is why students here quickly learn to be ready for anything, and many have mastered the art of building snowmen and walking on ice. You will slip on the ice in front of everyone, but don't be embarrassed. We all do. Just make the fall graceful!

Snow out front of College of Agriculture

#2: Prexy's Pasture is great for sunbathing.

When the weather does warm up, the grass in Prexy's makes the ideal spot for sunbathing, Frisbee with friends, studying, hanging up a hammock, or even a between-class nap. You might even luck out and meet a friendly dog or two.

Girl with big hat dancing in Prexy's

#3: Skater Guy is a local legend.

Skater Guy has graced the University's campus with his sick moves and signature neon pants for as long as anyone can remember. His favorite spot to practice his tricks is right in front of the Union so you can expect to see a kick-flip as soon as you step off the bus. Students here have learned to admire this local hero and to sit back and watch him do his thing. 

#4: You have to throw a pinecone into the T-Rex's mouth at least once.

It's almost a rite of passage for UW students to huck a pinecone at the mouth of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex sculpture that looms over the entrance to the UW Geological Museum. This copper-plated beast has been munching on the pinecone offerings of visitors to the museum since the 1960s and has long been their beloved mascot. Students here know to treat the sculpture with respect by gently offering it a pinecone before they peruse the museum's intriguing exhibits--a definite must-do for all campus visitors.

Snowy t-rex statue outside of the Geology Museum

#5: The Union is a great place to snag some free food.

As college students, free is our favorite word. A great place to find everything from free food to free planners is at the University of Wyoming Union, where there's always something different and exciting going on. UW students know to keep our eyes peeled for free pizza and t-shirts when walking through the Union. We also know that sometimes, free stuff will lead us to discover something awesome, like a new club, special event or fundraiser. It's really a win-win!

Female students inside union at table

#6: Panda Express smells the best as you're leaving the gym.

UW students know what I'm talking about. Whoever decided to build Half Acre right next to the Union food court was some sick kind of genius.

Half acre dance class

#7: The windows of Coe Library are better than mirrors.

Students know what I mean here, too. If you say you haven't checked yourself out in the windows of Coe, you are a LIAR. Don't be ashamed, though. That's what they're there for! Why else would they make them so reflective? It's just a little awkward when the people in Book & Bean catch you.


#8 The Classroom Building is confusing no matter how long you've been here.

In all my time at UW, I have yet to meet anyone confident that they can navigate the Classroom Building successfully. Students here know just how confusing the labrynth of murals, stairs and hallways can be. Once you think you have it figured out, everything switches around like it does at Hogwarts. At least that's my theory.

Outside of the classroom building with flowers

#9 The Beer Song.

Western Thunder plays a pretty mean Beer Song during athletic events. It shouldn't take more than one game to learn it as they play it several times throughout game day.

Saxophone player in Western Thunder playing at a football game

#10 Poke Pride is a serious thing.

If there's one thing students here know, it's that UW is a very special place to be. Whether its at sporting events, studying abroad, or walking across the stage at graduation, we aren't afraid to show just how proud we are to be a Poke, and we'll cherish the memories we've made here for a lifetime.

People holding up Cowboy signs at homecoming parade

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