Interview with Patty Racich, Pinedale Town Clerk, 1988 to present.

Describes the infrastructure changes to Pinedale town government that occurred in 1988. Also describes her work as town clerk. Talks about Pinedale’s early response to the energy boom, especially the work of town mayor Rose Skinner (mayor from 1996 – 2006) as well as how the demands and impacts of the energy boom happened so quickly and the town’s reactions to this situation. Also mentions the tensions between the changes caused by the boom and the desires of the established Pinedale community. Addresses the water and sewer infrastructure needs and changes in Pinedale.

Patty was interviewed at the Chambers House Bed & Breakfast in Pinedale on November 9, 2010, by Ann Noble.

Listen to the Interview (39 minutes, 22 seconds)

Interview Transcript (PDF)