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Exchange Resources Frequently Asked Questions

An Exchange Resource is a special Exchange account that represents a resource (conference rooms, vehicles, AV equipment, etc.) instead of a person. Exchange Resources allow for shared scheduling of these items.

How do I request an Exchange Resource?

To request an Exchange Resource, contact the IT Help Desk (766-4357, option 1) or your IT user consultant ( In order to make the request, you will need the following information:

  • The Display Name for the Resource you are requesting. This is the name that appears in the Global Address List (GAL).
  • The usernames for each of the Resource Delegates.
  • A list of UW departments (if any) that should be able to directly book the resource.
  • The owner of the resource. See What is the role of the Resource Owner below.
  • If the resource is a room you can also specify the capacity of the room and any amenities the  room has, such as video conferencing, whiteboard, etc.

Is there a charge for Exchange Resources?

Each Exchange Resource costs $1 per month with a six month minimum.

How do I schedule an Exchange Resource?

Outlook: How to Schedule an Exchange Resource in Outlook (
OWA: How to Schedule an Exchange Resource in Outlook Web App (

What is the role of a Resource Owner?

The owner of the resource can control who is allowed to Direct Book the resource, who is a resource delegate, and certain time constraints for the resource. See How to Manage an Exchange Resource (

What is the role of a Resource Delegate?

Delegates are responsible for managing Exchange Resources. Any meeting requests that are sent to Exchange Resources without the use of Direct Booking will be sent on to all of the delegates. They can then choose to accept or reject the appointment on behalf of the resource.

What is Direct Booking?

Direct Booking allows users to directly schedule a resource without any intervention.

Are there any security limitations with Exchange Resources?

Anyone will be able to look at the calendar for the resource, for scheduling purposes. This is not a security risk as long as users do not attach sensitive information to meeting requests.

How can I modify the amenities available with a room?

Available amenities can help a meeting organizer decide which room is best suited for their meeting. The amenities that are currently available to be listed with a room are:

  • Whiteboard
  • Smartboard
  • Video Conferencing
  • Projector
  • Audio/Visual equipment
  • WyoCast recording

If you wish to change the amenities listed for a room that you manage, please contact your IT consultant.

Why is the "New Appointment" option missing or greyed out?

Appointments are not meant to be used to reserve a room. To reserve a room you need to use the ‘New Meeting Request’ option command in Outlook. For a brief overview of the difference between meetings and appointments see

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Additional help with the installation and configuration of
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Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
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