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UW Alert Frequently Asked Questions

UW Alert is a new text messaging notification system designed to keep the students, faculty, and staff at the University of Wyoming informed during emergencies.

The University of Wyoming cannot warrant the successful delivery of each message to each individual recipient.  The service depends on the individual email systems, cellular and mobile phone carriers to deliver text and email messages to each recipient, which are outside the control of UW.

How do I sign up for UW Alert?

Directions on how to self register for UW Alert can be found at How to Self Register for UW Alert (

If you provided your cell phone number during class registration, that information is fed to the UW Alert system.  If you already have an account nothing changes, but if you do not have a UW Alert account one is automatically created for you.  When an account is created for you an email with your username and password is sent to your university email address.

What type of information will be sent through the UW Alert system?

The University only plans to send notifications via the UW Alert system for events that impact the majority of the campus, such as school closures or emergencies. At least once a semester, the University will send a test notification to verify the functionality of the system.

Does UW Alert have the ability to send text messages to all cell phones?

No, UW Alert cannot send to text messages to all cell phones. There are two limitations to the service that prevents text messages from being able to be sent to all cell phones. First, the cell phone and cell service being used must have the ability to receive text messages. Second, the vendor who provides the UW Alert service, Rave Wireless, does not support the ability to send text messages to all cell carriers. Currently the vendor has the capability to send text messages to the following carriers:

Rivers PCS
ACS Wireless
Advantage Cellular
Aliant Telecom
Appalachian Wireless
AT&T Legacy
Bell Mobility
Bluegrass Cellular
Boost Mobile
Carolina West Wireless
Cellular 29 Plus
Cellular One Dobson
Cellular Properties
Cellular South
Centennial Cellular Corp
Cincinnati Bell
Edge Wireless
Farmers Wireless
Golden State Cellular
Lyrix Wireless
Metro PCS
Microcell Connexions
Pine Telephone
Plateau Telecomm
Qwest Wireless
Rogers Wireless
Rural Cellular (Unicel)
SaskTel Mobility
Southern Linc
U.S. Cellular
Union Wireless
VIAERO Wireless
Virgin Mobile Canada

If you use a cell phone carrier that is not listed above, contact the IT Helpdesk at 766-4357 (option  1) or We are working with the vendor to add additional carriers.

If you are unable to register your cell phone, we still encourage you to register for the system so you can receive alert notifications to your preferred email address.

I provided my Cell Phone number during class registration, does that sign me up for UW Alert?

Yes, but the process is run manually and there is a delay between the time the information is provided and it is fed to the UW Alert vendor.  Information Technology is currently developing a method to automatically feed the information provided during class registration to the UW Alert vendor, Rave Wireless. 

If you want immediate access to the UW Alert system we recommend you self register for UW Alert, instructions can be found at
How to Self Register for UW Alert (

I received an email from Rave Wireless Attendant with the subject UW Alert account information. What is this email for?

This email is a welcome email from the UW Alert vendor, Rave Wireless.  This email includes your username and initial password into the UW Alert system.  You can access the UW Alert system to activate your cell phone number and provide an alternate email address.

Do I get charged for text messages that the University sends to me?

If you do not have a cell phone plan that includes free text messaging as part of your service, you will be charged for text messages sent. The amount charged is determined by your cell service provider.

What is my RAVE username?

If you have already gone through the registration process, your RAVE username should be your full UWYO email address (i.e.

Can I register my PDA for UW Alert?

If your PDA has cell phone capabilities and can receive text messages, it can be registered to use the UW Alert system. 

Can I still receive alerts if I don't have a cell phone?

Yes. The system sends alerts to both registered cell phones and email addresses.  In the case of an emergency the university will use the UW Alert system to send text notifications to cell phones and emails to addresses.  The university will use its internal mail system to send email notices to addresses.  Users have the ability to add up to three email addresses in the UW Alert system. 

See How to Self-Register for UW Alert ( for instructions on self registering.

If I change my cell phone number, can I change my number in the UW Alert system?

Yes. Go to, and login to your account.  Once logged into your account, you can choose to edit your cell phone number using the links on the left. 

Is the information I provide given to outside parties?

No, the information you provide is only used by the University of Wyoming. The information is not sold or provided to outside companies, other than Rave Wireless, which hosts the UW Alert system.

There are a number of text messaging services that make their money by allowing companies to use the student data gathered to send advertisements. One reason the University used a paid-for product was to keep full control of the information, so it would not be shared with third-party vendors.

Is the information I provide secure?

The data is secure both in how it is collected and stored. The Web site used to gather the information has 128 bit encryption (https:), so data is encrypted as it is entered and stored. Rave also uses commercial data centers to house their servers and limit access.

I received a text message from 67283 or 226787. Are these valid UW Alert numbers?

Yes, 67283 and 2267867 are the Short Code used by the vendor that provides the UW Alert system. Text messages received from either of these numbers are valid and part of the UW Alert system.  You can add the numbers to your cell phone’s address book and modify the display name to make it more recognizable for future messages.

Can I enter more than one cell phone number to receive emergency text notifications?

Yes, the UW Alert system allows you to register up to 3 different cell phone numbers.  To add additional cell numbers log into the UW Alert system at  Once logged into the system go to the My Account tab click on Edit for Mobile Contacts.

Can I enter more than one email address to receive emergency notifications?

Yes, the UW Alert system allows you to register up to 3 different email addresses.  To add additional email addresses log into the UW Alert system at  Once you are logged into the system go to the My Account tab and click on Edit for Email Contacts.

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Additional help with the installation and configuration of
UW-supported software is available:
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Come to the student computer lab in the lobby of the
Information Technology Center.

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