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Locate Network Information for Your Computer


There may be times when connecting your computer to the UW network (Ethernet or wireless) on campus that you run into problems getting to certain network resources or the Internet.  When reporting the problem to support personnel, there are a few items that may be beneficial to provide to them along with the details of your specific problem to help them in resolving it as quickly as possible: the name of your computer, the Mac address of your computer's network adapter, and the IP address (if one is listed at the time). This document will assist you in locating this information.

NOTE: If you reside in the UW Residence Halls or Apartments and are having troubles with your network connection but are still able to connect to the Internet, go to and fill out and submit the Residential Network Problem Report to help in resolving your problem as quickly as possible.


  1. Locating your Computer Name, Mac Address, and IP Address in Windows XP and Vista

    1. Click the Start menu button.
    2. Click Run and in the Open box, type cmd and click OK (in Vista simply type cmd in Start Search box).
    3. In the Command window, at the prompt, type ipconfig /all, and press ENTER.

      NOTE: Make sure to type the correct slash (i.e. / and not \).
    4. In the Windows IP Configuration section, your computer name is listed as Host Name.
    5. In the Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection section, the Mac address is listed as Physical Address, and the IP address is listed as IP Address.

      NOTE: If you are having difficulties with the UW wireless network, the Mac address and IP address you need to provide is listed in the Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection section.
  2. Locating your Computer Name, IP Address, and Mac Address in Mac OS X 10.3 and Later

    1. Click the Apple menu, and click About this Mac.
    2. In the About this Mac window, click More Info.
    3. The name of the computer is listed at the top of the resulting window.
    4. In the left-hand pane, click Network.
    5. In the right-hand top pane, in the Active Services column, select the network port that you are using and having difficulties with (i.e. Built-in Ethernet, AirPort, etc.)
    6. In the right-hand lower pane, the IP address is listed as IPv4 Addresses.
    7. At the bottom of the right-hand lower pane, the Mac address is listed as MAC Address.


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Additional help with the installation and configuration of
UW-supported software is available:
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Come to the student computer lab in the lobby of the
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