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Microsoft Office 365 Email Frequently Asked Questions

What is Office 365?

Office 365 for education offers free email and other software services to academic institutions. Initially, UW will offer only email in Office 365, but later we plan to offer additional services such as SharePoint personal sites, web applications and collaboration tools. See Office 365 for education ( for additional information.

Why were UW users migrated to Office 365 email?

User email is being migrated to Office 365 for two primary reasons:

  1. To allow UW resources to be reallocated to other projects and
  2. To increase users' personal disk space allocation for email

What username and password do I use on Office 365?

You will use your UW credentials. Your username will be your UW email address – for example, This is a change. Currently, all that is needed is your username without the

Is there anything important I need to know after moving to Office 365 email?

Yes. Users who access email using Outlook or Outlook Web App (OWA) will see minimal changes as a result of the move to Office 365. Other email clients (such as smartphones) will require minor configuration changes.

The most important thing for all Office 365 email users to remember is to enter your email address ( as your username when authenticating.

Will my user interface or functionality change as a result of moving to Office 365 email?

No, your user interface, including username and password, will remain the same. However, some email applications may require minor configuration changes (see related FAQ item below).

Will I lose any of my email as a result of the migration to Office 365 email?

No, the migration to Office 365 email will not result in the loss of any of your email messages.

When I access my email through WyoWeb, why am I asked to log in instead of being automatically signed into my email?

Single sign-on is not supported between WyoWeb and Office 365. Users who select Office 365 Email will need to log in with their UW email address and password again to connect to their email.

Is my data secure in Office 365?

Yes, very secure. You can read more about the privacy and security of Office 365 at

Will I be able to keep my account after I am no longer an employee or student at the University of Wyoming?

No, the account deletion process will not change. User accounts will be deleted when the user no longer has an affiliation with the University of Wyoming.

When my mailbox is migrated to Office 365 will I need to reconfigure my email client software?

Users who use Outlook or Outlook Web Access will not be affected. Those who use IMAP and ActiveSync (e.g. smartphone users) will need to make minor configuration changes.

Will support be available if I have issues accessing my mailbox once it has been migrated to Office 365?

Yes, Information Technology will be staffing the IT Help Desk over the Christmas break to provide support. The IT Help Desk can be reached at 307-766-HELP (4357) Option 1 or by emailing The Help Desk staffing hours can be found at:

I currently redirect my email to GMail/Yahoo/etc. When my mailbox is moved, will mail still be forwarded as it is now, or does it need to be set up again to redirect?

All mailbox rules including redirect rules will continue to function after the mailbox is migrated. Information Technology highly recommends users use the Outlook client on laptops and desktops.

After migration will I be able to verify the identity of senders who use a certificate to sign messages?

After migrating to Office 365 you will not be able to verify the identity of senders who use a certificate to sign messages. For instance, when Information Technology sends an announcement to users it is signed with a certificate and shows in OWA like:

If you open the same message in Office 365, you will see:

It is not possible to install the S/MIME control since Office365 does not currently support it.

Can I move all my email that is stored on my hard drive (my Personal Storage folders) into the Office 365 email in the cloud?

You may move some or all of your personal storage folders (.pst) and archive files to Office 365 email, depending on the total size of the folders. You have 25 GBs of storage to work with. If you have a particularly large folder, it could take some time for Office 365 to sync the new folders and you may not be able to use your Outlook email during the synchronization. You can access your email using Office Web App while the folders are syncing.

How do I move folders from a local storage pst into my Office 365 email?

  1. Right-click on a folder, select Move Folder.
  2. Scroll all the way up to choose your mailbox (e.g., and select it (do not select the Inbox). This will move the folder, its sub-folders, and all content of the folder to the Office 365 mailbox and it will keep the same folder name under the mailbox.
  3. Perform this action for each folder that you want to move to Office 365 email.

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Additional help with the installation and configuration of
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Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
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