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Mailman Email List Manager Frequently Asked Questions

Mailman is the Web-based email list manager at the University of Wyoming. It allows list owners to create and modify lists easily as well as add and remove subscribers without having to know specific commands. List subscribers can easily modify their list subscriptions and preferences. You may already be familiar with other mail list managers such as Majordomo, the mailing list manager formerly used at the University of Wyoming. Many people find Mailman more convenient and easier to use than email-based mail list managers. Email commands are still supported and specifics about using them can be found in How to Subscribe/Unsubscribe to a Mailman Email Distribution List.

Information about Mailman at UW:

Which mailing list service should I use?

The University of Wyoming provides several alternatives for mailing lists that provide services for different needs.

WyoWeb provides some mailing list functionality and requires that list owners and members have mailing addresses.

WyoWeb provides faculty members with a convenient means of establishing course mailing lists.

WyoWeb classifieds provide an avenue to post advertisements.

Wyoweb is at Once logged in, see Help for more information.

Mailman lists are available for activities related to University research, education and administration, but not for non-University related personal use. Mailman lists require that the owner has an email address, although members of the list can include  those with email addresses.

What is the size limit for messages sent to a Mailman list?

Messages up to 10M are accepted for delivery to Mailman lists. The owner can further limit, but not increase this size in the list's administrative web page under General Options, max_message_size.

How long are archives available?

Depending on storage resources availability, archives may be available for only twelve months.

Can a user be automatically unsubscribed from a list?

Yes. Members can be unsubscribed in several ways, including manually by either the member or list-owner or automatically by Mailman bounce processing, depending on the list configuration. By default, bounce processing is turned on and member addresses that bounce will be automatically disabled and then deleted when the specified thresholds are met. For more information, select Bounce Processing under Configuration Categories on the main Admin page for a list.

How do I access the main Mailman Web page from off campus?

The main UW Mailman page can be accessed from off campus through the web site.

  1. Visit
  2. Login using your domain credentials.
  3. Locate the white browse bar below the Home, Meetings and Preferences Icons.
  4. Copy the mailman link you wish to visit, for example the main mailman page: into the white browse bar and click Browse.
  5. You can bookmark mailman links by pressing the bookmark icon located to the left of the Browse bar when you are browsing a mailman page. The bookmark will be displayed in the “Web Bookmarks” section of your wyosecure main page.

What level of security does Mailman provide?

Mailman provides https or secure connections to the web pages, but since passwords are transmitted through email, the level of security should still be considered only moderate. Either allow Mailman to automatically generate a password for you or use a password that you DO NOT use for important logins. For instance, DO NOT use your domain account password as a Mailman password.

Why are images not appearing in messages sent to a list?

Mailman may not display images if the original email was created in Rich Text format. Use HTML format to include images. In Outlook 2010, you can choose HTML format by either setting the default or by setting HTML for a new message.

To set the default to HTML, click File, Options. In the Outlook Options window, select Mail and in the Compose messages section set the selection for Compose messages in this format: to HTML. Click OK to save.

To select HTML for a single message, click on New E-mail to open a message and select Format Text. Select HTML from the Format section.

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Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
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