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UW Firewall Frequently Asked Questions

Information Technology has installed a firewall device between the campus network and the Internet. The firewall provides greater security for the campus network from the escalating attacks of hackers. The firewall isolates the campus network from the outside Internet while allowing campus users to access the Internet.

Do I need to specifically configure the network card on my office desktop computer for it to connect to the network and function with the UW Firewall?

No. The default network configuration (use of DHCP) should be used for a normal office desktop computer. DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol allows your computer to automatically configure the necessary network parameters to connect to the UW network. If you have an active network connection in your office and your computer does not connect automatically or you are unsure of whether it has the default network configuration in place, contact your IT user consultant ( for assistance.

How do I request a reserved DHCP or static IP address for an older desktop system, a printer that does not support DHCP, or for another purpose?

Fill out and submit the Reserved DHCP / Static IP Request Form ( Make sure to fill out the Reason for Reserved Address section with an explanation or justification for the reserved address.

What are acceptable reasons for requesting a reserved DHCP address?

The acceptable reasons for requesting a reserved DHCP address are as follows:

  1. Servers that require access from outside of UW’s data network.
  2. Print servers that do not use DHCP.
  3. Machines that do not properly use DHCP.
    NOTE: Most Linux and other operating systems can use DHCP properly.
  4. Systems that do not adequately support DHCP such as some versions of Unix, RICOH network printers, DNS servers, Domain controllers, etc. These requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

What do I need to do to access Web pages off-site that utilize specific IP addresses for authentication?

Fill out and submit the Reserved DHCP / Static IP Request Form ( Make sure to fill out the Reason for Reserved Address section with an explanation or justification for the reserved address.

Can I run an IRC from the UW network?

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is not supported on UW’s network. Due to the many vulnerabilities with IRC and that there is no legitimate reason for using it on UW's network, the UW Firewall will not allow IRC traffic to pass through it.

Why can't I access Web pages from off campus that I run from my campus desktop computer that is set up as a Web server?

You can access your Web pages from off campus by first establishing a WyoSecure VPN session ( to the UW network. However, if public access to your Web site is required, your Web server either needs to be placed in the DMZ (see UW Firewall Implementation ( or your Web site will need to be moved to one of the University supported central Web servers, which is the recommended method. See the UW Web Site FAQ ( for further information on the UW central Web servers.

Why can't I connect to my office desktop from home using a remote desktop connection?

If you are connecting via a non-UW provided connection, you must establish a VPN session in order to connect to your office desktop or other UW network resources and systems. See the WyoSecure VPN FAQ ( for further information on the UW VPN client.

Can I setup a private or departmental dial in data line to my computer that is not under the UW Firewall?

No. All remote access must go through the UW Firewall to keep the UW network secure.

Are private or departmental wireless access points permitted?

Yes.  However, because of security and management issues, all wireless access points installed on the UW data network are required to be registered and approved for use by Information Technology. Numerous problems arise when unplanned and/or improperly configured wireless access points are connected to the University network.  

One of the main concerns with unregistered access points is security. To a large extent, the security of access points depends on the configuration of the hard-wired network jack to which those points connect. Therefore, it is important that all wireless access points connect to the network through a data port specifically configured to accommodate them.

Improperly configured access points disrupt network access to wireless network users within the signal range of the mis-configured unit. In some cases this problem has even disrupted network service to wired users. Also, wireless access points must be configured to use frequency spectrums that do not conflict with other wireless units in the same general area. Without central management and registration of wireless access points, the UW wireless network will not function properly. Consequently, all unregistered (“rogue”) wireless access points will be disconnected from the network.

To register new wireless access points, go to the Wireless Access Point Registration Form ( on the UW Wireless Web site.

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Additional help with the installation and configuration of
UW-supported software is available:
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Contact the IT Help Desk at 766-HELP (4357), option 1
Come to the student computer lab in the lobby of the
Information Technology Center.

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