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from left to right: Yang Yang, Yonggang Wang, Xin Zhou, Qun Miao, Ryan Peterman, and Bart GeertsCurrent graduate students

  • Xia Chu, PhD, is working on LES simulations of glaciogenic seeding of winter orographic clouds.
  • Binod Pokharel, PhD, is working on the validation of the impact of cloud seeding using ASCII data.
  • Xiaoqing Jing, MSc, is working on DOW data collected during ASCII, with a focus on the seeding impact.
  • Phil Bergmaier, MSc, is working on a case study and climatology of a dryline in Wyoming.
  • Tim Nicholson, MSc, will be working on OWLeS WCR data.

PhD projects completed

  • Yonggang Wang, PhD, May 12:  An Observational Study of the Processes of Entrainment and Detrainment of Cumulus Clouds using In Situ and Airborne Cloud Radar Data. Currently he is a Post-doc in our group.
  • Thomas Andretta, PhD, Aug. '11: Forcing, Properties, Structure, and Antecedent Synoptic Climatology of the Snake River Plain Convergence Zone of Eastern Idaho: Analyses of Observations and Numerical Simulations.
  • Cory Demko, PhD Dec '09: Interaction of cumulus convection with the topographically-controlled mesoscale circulation (CuPIDO). Currently employed by a DoD contractor in Virginia, USA.
  • Qun Miao, PhD, Nov '06: Structure and dynamics of the convective boundary layer; convective initiation during IHOP. Currently he is Assoc. Prof., Department of Applied Mathematics, Ningbo University, PR China.

MSc projects completed

  • Yang Yang, MSc, Aug '13: Snow transport patterns in orographic storms as estimated from airborne vertical-plane dual-Doppler radar data.
  • Xia Chu, MSc, June '13: Cloud-resolving Large Eddy Simulations of the impact of AgI nuclei dispersed from the ground on orographic clouds and precipitation: model validation. Currently she is a PhD student in our group.
  • Xin Zhou, MSc, May '13: The influence of soil moisture on the planetary boundary layer and on cumulus convection over an isolated mountain: observations and numerical simulations. At this time he is a PhD student at the SUNY Stony Brook 
  • Ben Sipprell, MSc, Dec 05: Fine-scale observations and dynamical interpretation of convective initiation during IHOP. Currently he is the SOO at the NWSRO in Boston MA, USA.
  • Yang Qiong, MSc, Aug '05: Characterization of thermals and cloud streets in the convective boundary layer over Lake Michigan. Currently she is a PhD student in Atmospheric Science at the University of Washington.
  • Teferi Dejene, MSc, May '04:  Regional and diurnal variability of the vertical structure of precipitation systems in Africa, based on spaceborne radar data. Teferi obtained a PhD in Geophysics at the University of Trondheim in Norway in 2012.
  • Tim Trudel, MSc, Dec '03: Mesoscale analysis of the May 24 cold front and convective initiation during IHOP. Currently Tim is a NWS forecaster in Cheyenne WY, USA.
  • Wang Jingyun, MSc, Dec '02: Identifying drizzle within marine stratus with W-band radar reflectivity profiles. She obtained a PhD in Geography from Boston University in 2008 and currently is employed at EQECAT, Inc., an ABS Group Company in Oakland CA, as a research scientist modeling natural hazards 
  • Yu Dawei, MSc, Aug '02: Classification and characterization of tropical precipitation based on high-resolution airborne vertical-incidence radar. Yu returned to PR China.  

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