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Basile Research Group 2008-2009

Dr. Franco Basile visit to the SAMYANG Chemical Co., Analytical Instrumentation Center, in Seoul Korea.

Prof. Richard Zare was the invited speaker at the 2004 Wyoming ACS section award banquet

Graduate student Nick Hauser and Dr. Franco Basile at the 2004 ASMS conference in Nashville, TN.

Prof. Scott McLuckey during the week-long lecture series at the Department of Chemistry, University of Wyoming (August 2004)

Prof. Scott McLuckey at Lake Marie near the University of Wyoming

Franco Basile at the Korean Society for Mass Spectrometry meeting in Seoul Korea (Augist 2004)

Prof. Fred E. Lytle and Franco Basile at the 21st Amy-Mellon Lecture in Analytical Chemistry (Purdue University, October 2004)

Prof. Richard Capriolli was the 2004 Clifford C. Hach Lecturer at UW. Pictured with him are Prof. Dan Buttry and Dr. Basile.

The Basile Group international affair

A beautiful spring morning at the University of Wyoming

Graduate student Nick Hauser operating our 2D-HPLC-MS system

Graduate student Shaofeng Zhang carefully preparing samples for MALDI-MS analysis

Graduate student Shaofeng Zhang (2006 ASMS)

The Basile Group at the 2006 ASMS in Seattle, WA.

Basile group at lunch during the 2006 ASMS Conference

Prof. Catherine Fensealu at UW as the 2006 Clifford C. Hach Lecturer.

Flyfishing in the Windriver Wyoming (2006)

Little brother Ali with Colby on the Snowy Range (Wy)

Jane on the Green River lake in the Windriver range, Wy(2007).

Sara Basile (Mom!) and Jane in the MS Lab (January 2007)

Nicolas Hauser (Ph.D. 2008)

Shaofeng Zhang (Ph.D. 2008)

Art in the Lab (Series of mass spectra/acrylic on canvas)

bone fish on a fly, August 2010

(Asencion Bay, Mexico)


(Acrylic on canvas and mixed media-paper)

Signal-to-Noise (detail)

"Signal-to-Noise" in the Basile MS Lab

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