Undergraduate Research

Department of Chemistry, University of Wyoming


Projects in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry/Mass Spectrometry

Research opportunities are available for highly driven, organized and independent undergraduate students in the Basile research group.  Please contact Dr. Basile via email or stop by his office in PS311.

Requirement for all jobs in the Basile lab:  CHEM 2230 (Quantitative Analysis) with a minimum grade requirement of "B". No Exceptions.

Energy related projects:  There are a variety of projects to develop Mass Spectrometry methods for the characterization of fossil fuels.

Rapid preparation of biological samples:  Development of non-enzymatic methods for the rapid digestion of proteins into peptides for their analysis by MS.

Non-enzymatic degradation of biomolecules: The objective of this project is to investigate the thermal (high and low temperature) and chemical degradation products of biomolecules including, but not limited to, proteins, modified proteins, lipids, and oligonucleotides. 


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