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Ph.D. Positions
The Befus Hydrology Group is currently looking to hire up to two Ph.D. students for projects on flow path partitioning in mountainous groundwater systems and coastal groundwater-surface water interactions.

M.S. Positions
Positions may be available for M.S. students. Please contact Dr. Befus for more information.


Prayas Rath, Ph.D. aspirant
Prayas is studying the connections between groundwater systems and reservoirs using numerical modeling and field data collection.

Scott Darhower, M.S. aspirant


Excellent graduates are "in prep"!

More information

Ph.D. students in the Befus Hydrology Group can be enrolled in separate Ph.D. programs:

M.S. students in the Befus Hydrology Group are enrolled in the Civil Engineering M.S. program with the option of participating in the dual degree Water Resources (WARE) program: