3300. Hydraulic Engineering. 3 credits.

Develops analysis, design and modeling techniques for incompressible pipe flow, steady uniform and gradually varied open channel flow, and hydraulic structures. Prerequisite: ES 2330.

CE 4810/5810. Groundwater Hydrology. 3 credits.

Principles and basic equations associated with saturated and unsaturated flow in soils describing groundwater and drainage flow. Laws governing the movement, recharge, and production of underground water with special emphasis on techniques and modeling methods for development of groundwater resources. Prerequisite: ES 2330/CE4800.

5700. Groundwater pollution and transport. 3 credits.

Principles of groundwater flow and transport applied to problems of groundwater pollution. Development of analytical and numerical solutions to solute and reactive transport. Focus on site-scale monitoring and remediation. Prerequisite: CE 4810/5810 or consent of instructor.

5830. Flow in Porous Media. 3 credits.

Examines fluid (liquid, gas, vapor) and heat flow in porous media and its effects specifically in soil. Near surface effects (impibation, infiltration and evaporation) is emphasized. Analytic and numerical solution techniques will be developed. Prerequisite: CE 5810 or consent of instructor.