Research in our lab is focused on evolutionary genetics. We are particularly interested in speciation, hybridization, and the genetics of adaptation, with complementary interests in phenomena such as meiotic recombination. In our research we utilize tools from molecular biology, computational biology, statistics, and modeling. Members of the lab study the genetics of a variety of organisms (including butterflies, conifers, dicots, mice) and share a curiosity about the processes of adaptation, hybridization and speciation. Additional details ...

Lab members

  • Alex Buerkle, Principal Investigator
  • Monia Haselhorst, Ph.D. student (Program in Ecology)
  • Doro Lindtke, Postdoctoral researcher
  • Liz Mandeville, Ph.D. student (Program in Ecology)

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  • hindex — software for estimation of a hybrid index
  • introgress — software for mapping components of isolation in hybrids
  • bamova — software that implements a Bayesian Analysis of Molecular Variance
  • bgc — software that implements Bayesian estimation of genomic clines


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