What follows is an assortment of things that I thought would be useful to other people. Most are things that I use, or have used, and that have been particularly helpful, along a few items that we have developed in our lab group.

Teaching modules

  • Teacher's manual for Math in Science Class: Accounting for Uncertainty When Analyzing Count Data. This manual was developed by Lauren Lucas, Zach Gompert and Alex Buerkle for use in science middle and high-school classrooms.
  • Graduate studies and academic careers

    • Scott Keogh's page with Lots of Advice for Graduate Students.
    • Results of a survey (2009) of newly hired professors at academic institutions, with statistics on their academic qualifications.
      Jonathon C. Marshall, Paul Buttars, Thomas Callahan, John J. Dennehy, D. James Harris, Bryce Lunt, Markus Mika, Robert Shupe. 2009. In the Academic Job Market, will You be Competitive? A Case Study in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution 55: 381-392.
    • Re-envisioning the Ph.D. -- A collection of materials and resources pertaining to graduate education. The name of the site refers to Ph.D. students, but there is material that applies to graduate education in general.
    • Some serious thoughts by Matt Might on life choices, including becoming a parent, and how to get tenured.


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