Computing tidbits

Here I am recording some notes on various things that I have figured out, but did not (readily) find documented elsewhere on the web.

Rmarkdown and LaTeX

  • (2 October 2017) Suppose you use Rstudio and want to use Rmarkdown to make pdfs (e.g., teaching notes), and the maximum font size of 12pt is too small for you (fontsize larger than 12pt will be ignored if set in the Rmd preamble). Knitr will use pdflatex to make the pdf and will utilize a template provided by Rstudio for certain LaTeX settings. Searching in this template (library/rmarkdown/rmd/latex/default-, I found that one can set the LaTeX documentclass to values other than the default and that this would be passed on to LaTeX. Given this, I chose extarticle (additional settings might be valid in your LaTeX installation) and then fontsize up to 20pt are valid. The following Rmd preamble then worked to set the base font size to 20pt.
    title: "font sizes bigger than 12pt"
    output: pdf_document
    fontsize: 20pt
    documentclass: extarticle