Out-of-State Community Colleges

Credit awarded by regionally accredited two-year institutions is considered for transfer to UW. Courses of a vocational-technical nature and developmental courses will typically not be accepted. All other coursework will be reviewed on a course-by-course basis. The Office of the Registrar will review course descriptions from the awarding school's catalogue and render one of the following decisions: make the course equivalent to a UW course (with USP credit, if appropriate), make the course a general elective transfer course (with USP credit, if appropriate), or determine the course is not acceptable for transfer. Advisers have the authority to revise articulations for courses within their departments and substitute general elective courses for major requirements if appropriate. Additionally, students may use the USP petition process to attempt to have a transfer course count for a USP requirement. In rare instances, a course from a two-year school may be substituted for an upper-division UW requirement.