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2012 Program Highlights|Cent$ible Nutrition Program

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The Cent$ible Nutrition Program

With consistent and measurable success, the Cent$ible Nutrition Program educates low-income families to help them eat nutritious, good-tasting food on a limited budget. The lesson series focuses on basic food and nutrition principles, using a proven curriculum developed with the latest research and best practices, and hands-on learning impacting the quality of many Wyoming lives. Graduates make improvements in the nutritional quality of their meals and safety of their food by using key skills, routines, and knowledge gained through this nationally-recognized program. By using store circulars, menu planning, and grocery lists, participants purchase more nutritious food with their resources. Each dollar spent is more nutrient rich. Participants enjoy more food made from scratch because of the cooking skills practiced in each class.

The Cent$ible Nutrition Program is a collaborative effort across the state. CNP is a part of the University of Wyoming Extension and collaborates with the Wyoming Department of Family Services and other county and local service providers. CNP is funded by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program Education (SNAP-Ed) and the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). In addition to classes, CNP provides education through presentations, monthly newsletters, youth curriculum in qualifying schools, and the Program website.

Grocery Bag Logo - savingsYear in Review

The Cent$ible Nutrition Program continues to make a difference throughout Wyoming in the 2012 grant year (Oct.1, 2011 – Sept. 30, 2012). Completing an average of 7.93 lessons, 1,480 adults graduated from the CNP. Over 350 one-time educational lessons reached 4,196 adults and 1,832 youth. Each month, nearly 37,000 Cent$ible Nutrition News newsletters were distributed with 1,900 of these in Spanish. Statewide Cent$ible Nutrition Program staff were trained on MyPlate and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 with revised adult and youth materials using a dialogue approach. A number of supportive educational materials were developed this year and include: a Braille version of the Cent$ible Nutrition Program Cookbook, a booklet of skillet recipes for those without kitchens, and a collection of picture-based recipes for those with literacy challenges. CNP developed six new newsletters for commodities distributed across Wyoming to promote greater access and use of commodity foods by Wyoming families.

Cent$ible Nutrition Expands Possibilities

Five hundred people from 10 Wyoming school districts participated in the Wyoming Native American Education Conference (WNAEC) in October, 2011. The Wind River Indian Reservation Cent$ible Nutrition Program partnered with WNAEC to prepare a sample school lunch for conference participants. MyPlate guidelines were paired with CNP’s inexpensive, nutritional recipes and local ingredients. The event successfully modeled a healthy farm-to-school option for Wyoming schools and youth. The cost-effective nutritious meal impressed Wyoming school administrators and educators. Participants reported increasing interest in the food resource management methods of the Cent$ible Nutrition Program, as well as interest in incorporating local foods at home and at school.

Youth and CNP

Establishing healthy lifestyle habits and strong nutrition knowledge in youth helps support healthy adults and families for Wyoming’s future. The Cent$ible Nutrition Program educators taught a lesson series to 2,202 youth using the Grazing with Marty Moose, WIN Kids, and Munching Through Wyoming History curricula.
Below are some of the measured impacts.

  • 38% now eat a variety of foods
  • 35% increased knowledge of the essentials of nutrition
  • 24% increased their ability to select low-cost, nutritious food
  • 21% improved practices in food preparation and safety

Specific questions for each curriculum showed the following outcomes:

  • 32.2% increased their intake of milk, cheese, or yogurt
  • 22.2 % increased their knowledge to correctly identify missing food groups in meals

Healthy Eating Index

The Healthy Eating Index (HEI) takes into account food groups as well as fat, sodium, cholesterol, and overall variety. Cent$ible Nutrition graduates increased their overall score, indicating improved nutrition for better health.

Nutritional Practices and Physical Activity

The Cent$ible Nutrition Program emphasizes overall health and well-being through sound nutrition practices and regular physical activity. Of the adult graduates, 90% improved one or more nutrition practices. 56% reported an increased familiarity with MyPlate.

Healthy Eating Index Nutrition Practices and Physical Activity

Food Resource Management

By learning to manage available food resources, Wyoming families keep from going hungry. 86% of adult graduates improved one or more practices to save money on food.

Food Safety

Safe food handling saves money by reducing spoiled food and keeps people healthy by reducing food-bourne illnesses. 63% of adult graduates improved one or more food safety practices.

Food Resource Management

Food Safety

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