This is a picture of a spider sending out silk.  The silk will get "ballooned out" and carry the spider to its new home. 


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University of Wyoming-Cooperative Extension

University of Wyoming
Dept. 3354
1000 E. University Ave.
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Alex Latchininsky
Entomology Specialist

Scott Schell
Assistant Entomologist


How to send your eight-legged friend:

1.  If you have captured the spider, you can put a cotton ball soaked with fingernail polish remover in the container with it (make sure the container is air-tight).  This will kill it fairly humanely.

2.  after about fifteen minutes with the soaked cotton ball, fill a small sealable container with 70% to 80% (160 proof) clear alcohol like vodka.  If you have Everclear, it is best to dilute it a bit with water.  If you do not have 'drinking' alcohol,  rubbing (isopropyl, approximately 70%) alcohol will do.  If at all possible, try to fill the container full, or put cottonballs in to take up space, so that it won't slosh around. 

3.  Carefully place the dead spider in the alcohol and seal the container tightly. Add more cottonballs  if needed.

4.  pack container in bubblewrap or other insulation and place in a box.

5.  Please place a note with any information on it about the spider.  Examples could be: where it was found, the approximate temperature and humidity, what it was doing, how you caught it, and a way to contact you, etc.

6. Send the box to the above UW address or to your nearest County Extension Agency.


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