These are the courses I currently teach at the University of Wyoming:

CE 3400/Introduction to Environmental Engineering
An introduction to the major topics in environmental engineering.  Focus areas include water supply, wastewater treatment, air pollution control and solid and hazardous waste management.  Quantitative aspects and engineering solutions to problems are emphasized.  Prerequisites: MATH 2205 and CHEM 1020 or equivalent.

CE 4410/Design of Wastewater Treatment Facilities
A theoretical and practical design course for treatment of municipal wastewaters.  Major areas of emphasis include waste characterization and physical, chemical and biological unit processes. Prerequisite: CE 3400.

CE 4900/Comprehensive Design Experience in Environmental Engineering
Concentrated, comprehensive design course focusing on a specific problem in environmental engineering. Prerequisite: senior standing in civil engineering; concurrent enrollment in the designated companion course.

CE 5425/Environmental Engineering Microbiology
Development of microbiology for environmental engineering applications.  Examines the basis and pathways of important biochemical reactions including nitrification, hydrogen fermentation, dehalogenation and methanogenesis.  Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

CE 5445/Hazardous Waste Site Remediation
The contamination of soil, air, and groundwater by improper disposal of hazardous wastes is covered. Control and cleanup of contaminated groundwater plumes, treatment of polluted soils and soil gases is emphasized. Case studies are extensively used. Prerequisite: CE 3400 and consent of instructor.