Stats 5050

Scott Crawford
Ross 333
Office hours: 12-1pm MWF

Class: MWF 9-10am in EN 2109

Course Syllabus
Data Sets

Stats Alive Textbook
Access Minitab remotely
Mid-Term Project Details
Data Sets for Mid-Term Project
Examples of Residual problems
Log Transformations

The Final Project
Final Project Data Sets

Week 1: September 3 - September 5

Become familiar with Minitab
Understand sampling Disributions (Standard Error of a mean)
What confidence and confidence intervals are used for
Suggestions for copying from Minitab or Excel into Word files

Week 2: September 8th - September 12th

Understand confidence intervals and the sampling distribution
Correct ways to discuss confidence
Using sample means to find a parameter
Teams for Homework 1
Homework 1 (Due Friday)
Discussion Question 1 (be ready Friday - due Monday)

Week 3: September 15th - September 19th

Cement the ideas for sampling distributions and confidence intervals
Hypothesis testing for one mean
Introduce testing of proportions

Teams for Homework 2
Discussion Question 2

Week 4: September 22nd - September 26th

Proportion testing

Teams for Homework 3
Homework 2
Discussion Question 3

Week 5: September 29th - October 2nd

Calculate sample sizes and power
Calculating power
Discuss matched pairs and pooled tests

Discussion Question 4

Week 6: October 6th - October 10th

Discuss two sample proportion testing
Clarify the definition of p-value
Quizzes on p-value, confidence and other defintions
Homework 3

Week 7: October 13th - October 17th

Correlation and test of the slope
Discussion Question 5

Week 8: October 20th - October 24th

Testing the slope in regression
Categorical variables
Discussion Question 6
Homework 4

Week 9: October 27st - October 31st

Teams for Homework 5

Week 10: November 3rd - November 7th

Mid-Term Project Due on Friday

Week 11: November 10th - November 14th

Homework 5

Week 12: November 17th - November 21st

Teams for Homework 6

Week 13: November 24th


Week 14: December 1st - December 5th

Homework 6

Week 15: December 8th - December 12th

Final Project Due on Friday