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Micro- and Nanomechanicals Lab|College of Engineering and Applied Science

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Mechanical Engineering
Engineering Building Room 2052.
Postal: Dept. 3295 1000 E. University
Courier (FEDEX, UPS, etc); 16th & Gibbon
Laramie, WY 82071
Phone: 307.766.2122
Fax: 307.766.2695

Micro- and Nano-Mechanics Lab

  • Personnel:
    • Chung-Souk Han, associate professor
    • Nitin Garg, Ph.D. graduate student
    • Farid Alisafaei, Ph.D. graduate student
    • Gurudutt Chandrashekar, Ph.D. graduate student
    • Michael E. Love, undergraduate research assistant
  • Current and past research/projects - click on images

Last Test                     

There’s a story about a student who’d been training in a monastery for many years to be a monk.  One day his teacher came to his cell carrying a gnarly walking cane and said, “You’ve done well, my son.  You have only one last test to pass.  I will return in one day.  If you pass the test you will be a monk and join our order as a brother.  If you fail it, I will beat you senseless with this stick.”  Before the student could ask what the test was, the monk walked out and locked the door.  The student had nothing to do but sit in his cell and ponder his final test. 
The next day his teacher returned carrying the stick and said, “Well?” and before he could say another word, the student leaped to his feet and grabbed the stick.  The teacher smiled and said, “Welcome brother.”


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