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Presentation Mechanisms

-- How to package, port, display, and share a presentation made up of written materials such as slides, images, or documents --

Authoring Methods and Their File Packaging and Porting

PowerPoint: a proprietary data format and presentation engine, requiring execution in a Windows or Mac environment in order to display your work.

HTML: the web "markup" language, which can be shown in any browser.

Authoring Method Packaging and Porting

Text or hand-written transparencies

Transparencies + media files

Onsite Requirements: Overhead projector

PowerPoint presentation

Mac systems: KeyNote application

Onsite Requirements: Ppt file + display engine (either MS PowerPoint, or PowerPoint viewer)

Pack-and-Go with Viewer:

Showing from Online:

Save as HTML:

Files on storage Written materials + media files + fonts and notation

Onsite Requirements: Whatever application is suitable (Notepad for text, MS Word for ".doc," browser for HTML)

HTML editor for development: HTML can be (1) written in plain text with tags; (2) written with an HTML editor such as Kompozer under its friendly rich-text interface; (3) written with a commercial web-authoring program such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage; or (4) "Saved As" HTML or Web Page from a file developed with office suite software, such as MS Word or Excel.

Onsite Requirements: Browser with Javascript; Internet connection unless "slidy" folder carried.

Various Store in "Cloud" (see below)

Display and Sharing Services in the Cloud

Cloud Presentations

· Free

· Edit from anywhere

· Import/export with PowerPoint

· Watch simultaneously online from remote locations.

· Embed on website

Google Presentations:

· Google Presentations: The New Google Docs Module For Sharing, Co-Editing And Creating Online Presentations:



· Using SlideShare to Share Presentations



By using Prezi from an internet browser, you can:

  1. Easily share your prezis for collaborating with others
  2. Easily send your prezis and show them to non-Prezi users
  3. Log in from any computer, access your prezis and work on them
  4. Export a Portable Prezi, which can be used without internet access so you can safely present your prezis anywhere
  5. Create a more fluid, non-linear presenation


Other resources:

Dynamic Screen Capture

Jing: Web-based audio and video presentations



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