John P. Ellbogen Summer Faculty Institute

John P. Ellbogen

John P. Ellbogen Summer Institute  

Many faculty members and academic professional lecturers have high teaching and research demands that leave little room in their schedules during the academic year for reflection on teaching.  Most faculty and lecturers, however, have 9-month appointments. The John P. Ellbogen Summer institute provides faculty and instructors with a summer stipend and – more importantly - focused time to participate in workshops or projects run through the ECTL that will result in course/curriculum re-design, refinement or improvements in delivery. Our workshops last approximately 4 days in duration. Faculty who have participated in the Institute report several benefits:  congregation of small groups of faculty from diverse disciplines provides opportunity for interdisciplinary discussion among colleagues who, normally, have little opportunity for exchange of ideas. This allows faculty to become aware of effective practices used in one field that may not yet have traction in their own; having been introduced to new ideas, faculty then have the opportunity to consider which practices would best be suited to their own disciplines; and finally – but importantly – faculty have the time to dedicate to revision of course or curriculum design. Additionally, such workshops can begin to impact teaching at UW on a larger scale by having participants agree to report the results of their projects to their home Departments and/or at future ECTL events.

The John P. Ellbogen Summer Institute is funded by an endowment from the Ellbogen Foundation and the Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning.

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