Who We Are

The purpose of this Council is to provide the University of Wyoming with a strong instructional technology support system and advising foundation. This council will effectively plan and enhance learning spaces by identifying and analyzing technology needs within the classroom. It will initiate the collaboration between all affected persons regarding classroom instructional technology and use this dialog to establish set standards for classroom technology throughout campus. CTAC will determine timely classroom renovations in order to achieve standarization, which will minimize the requirements for unique training and increase the ease of operation. This Council will increase the effectiveness of learning by allowing the application of technologies, at an institutional level, to be driven by the faculty's and students' use of technology.

The members of the Classroom Technology Advisory Council are:

Gary Boulware, Information Technology, CTAC Chair
Rollin Abernethy, VP Academic Affairs
Roger Baalman, Director Facilities Planning
Ramona "Kelli" Belden, AITC Chair
Crystal Bennett, Manager Central Scheduling
Christi Boggs, Outreach
Robin Hill, Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning
Ann Jessup, Outreach
ASU Student VP
James Scott, Physical Plant
Erin Mills, Disabilities
Andrew M. Bryson, ECTL



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