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How do I receive audio from the computer or DVD/VCR?

If you are in a room without a touch panel and there are mounted speakers on the wall or podium speakers, more than likely the room is equipped with an audio receiver. The receiver is located inside the podium usually above or below the DVD/VCR player. Make sure this unit is on and set to the proper input which can be found by referencing the instructions on top of the podium.

If there are not mounted speakers make sure the volume on the computer is not muted and that the projector volume is turned up to a reasonable level.

If you are in a room with a touch panel please reference our Trouble Shooting Guide.

When playing a DVD from the computer, how do I get audio?

Due to the limited number of codecs in Windows Media Player some DVDs will play but will not have audio. If this is the case open your DVD with PowerDVD. To locate this media player go to the start menu (located in the bottom left corner of the computer screen), select all programs, then click on the file folder that reads "Media Players," select Power DVD. Your DVD should open automatically and you should receive audio from the computer.

I followed the quick guide to projecting my laptop but there is still no image. What should I do?

For PC users: If you have an image on your laptop but the University of Wyoming logo appears on the projector screen, try the following:

  1. On the laptop's keyboard find the FUNCTION key (FN).
  2. Then find the key with the letters LCD/CRT above it or a little monitor icon, most often F8 key.
  3. Press and hold the FN key, and press the LCD/CRT key to change the laptop display. Toggle through by holding the FN key and pressing the LCD/CRT key until both the laptop and projector display the same image.

For MAC users: If you have an image on your laptop but the University of Wyoming logo appears on the projector screen, try the following:

  1. Close the lid and put the MAC into sleep mode.
  2. Open the lid with the VGA cable attached.
  3. Change the Display Mirroring options located either in "Monitors" in the Control Panel or "Displays" located in "System Preferences" both found under the Apple Menu. Choose the option which allows for the image to be displayed on both the laptop and the projector. Also make sure that your monitor resolution is set to 1024x768.

How do I connect my laptop to the projector?

Most classrooms on campus with a projector support a laptop connection. The projectors require a VGA cable connection, and there should be one on or near the podium in the classroom. Please connect the VGA cable with your laptop. In some cases a laptop may not have a VGA port and will not be able to connect to the projector. We would recommend buying a VGA adapter to support the use of your laptop on campus. Most rooms also support an audio connection for your laptop; this cable resembles a plug on a pair of headphones. Please connect this cable for audio.

Step-by-step guide to projecting a laptop

  1. Connect the laptop with the standard VGA cable located in classroom.
  2. Select the Laptop input on the Projector control screen. In some classrooms, you will need to select the Laptop input for both Video and Audio as well as choose the screens on which you want the image displayed. This is controlled by either the Touch Screen or Touch-Panel located in the room.
  3. Ensure that the laptop is powered on and ready to function.

Do I need (more) space to store my files?

All faculty and staff have 200MB of reserved storage to which they can save their files.

This reserved storage can be accessed from any computer on the campus server including lab computers, classroom computers and personal office computers. Since this file can be accessed from any computer it allows instructors to save their file (i.e. powerpoint) at their office and then open it in their classroom.


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