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Early Care and Education Center
Staff Information

Eleanor Frye, Lead Toddler Room 1Teacher

Presenting eclectic experiences in a variety of educational settings, Eleanor specializes in facilitating an experiential curriculum that focuses on social problem solving, self-empowerment, and peer-to-peer learning.  She is passionate about creating meaningful relationships with children and their families and providing her class with learning experiences about nature, both indoors and outdoors. Eleanor has a B.S. degree in Professional Child Development from the University of Wyoming, and she is currently working towards a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction.

When Eleanor and the children in her class are not building obstacle courses, investigating the insides of a pumpkin, or going on hikes to study plants and insects, they can be found watering the garden, representing their daily experiences in their journals, and finding new ways to challenge and express their thinking.


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