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Visiting Professors

The LRCC has been a host to a wide arrange teachers, professors, and professionals. The following showcases some of the diverse topics and subjects that have been covered in past presentations hosted by the LRCC.

Professor Teaching Collaboration

Dr. David Caldwell

Program Director for the Master of Education, Master of Education (TESOL) Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Digital Learning) and Lecturer in English Language and Literacy in the School of Education at the University of South Australia.

David Caldwell Talk: "Packaging with Purpose: A Textual Analysis of Effective Doctoral Writing"
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Biography: David completed his Bachelor of Teaching, Bachelor of Arts (Honors) and Master of Arts in Linguistics at Deakin University (Melbourne), and his PhD in Linguistics at the University of Sydney. He then completed a two-year post-doc in Singapore where he worked as an Assistant Professor at the National Institute of Education in the School of English Language and Literature.

David is interested in the application of Systemic Functional Linguistics to contemporary language contexts. These have included post-match interviews with AFL footballers, medical consultations with hospital patients, and Kanye West's rap music. He is currently investigating a range of language contexts, including the language demands of STEM, literacy practices in the APY Lands, English wordings on T-shirts in South-East Asia, the on-field language practices of sports people, and the role of 'Asia Literacy' in the Australian Curriculum.

David has extensive experience teaching at a tertiary level, where he has taught a range of subjects in English language, literacy, and social linguistics. He has trained English language teachers for primary, secondary and tertiary level education in Australia and overseas. During his postgraduate studies, David taught in numerous primary school classrooms throughout Melbourne and Sydney. He currently provides professional learning sessions in English language and literacy to teachers throughout South Australia.

Dr. Pauline Harris

The Lillian de Lissa Chair in Early Childhood at University of South Australia School of Education


Talk: In Dialogue with Children: Engaging Children’s Voices in Literacy Programs
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Talk: Flying Peas & Mashed Potato, and the Meaning of Life: Crafting a Coherent Line of Scholarship as a University Professor
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Biography: Professor Pauline Harris is the Lillian de Lissa Chair, Early Childhood (Research) at the University of South Australia, in partnership with South Australia Department for Education and Childhood Development.

She has an outstanding international record with  expertise in children's language, literacy and literature; children's citizenship and voice; and the nexus of early childhood research, policy and practice.

She has authored six books, including Children as Citizens: Engaging with the Child’s Voice in Educational Settings (Harris and Manatakis, 2013, Routledge). Her forthcoming book is Children’s multilingual literacy - Fostering childhood literacy in home and community settings (Harris, Brock, Camaitoga, Carter, Diamond, McInnes, Krishna, Neill, 2018, Springer)

As lead researcher of collaborative teams, Professor Harris has led development of new knowledge and methods for:

• Engaging with young children as citizens to enhance their participation

• Operationalising socio-culturally inclusive and educationally, sociologically and linguistically informed models of language/literacy development and education

• Strengthening relationships among research, policy and practice in early childhood and language/literacy education

Professor Harris was Lead Chief Investigator of an ARC Discovery Grant, The National English Curriculum: Understanding the development, interpretation and implementation of disciplinary knowledge, one of seven ARC Grants (three Discovery/Large and four ARC Small/Strategic) she has been awarded as Lead CI during her career. She also leads an AusAID Category 1 ADRAS-funded research project, Developing a Community Approach to Supporting Literacy for Preschoolers in Fiji. In total,

 Professor Harris completed her Doctoral studies at the  University of California Berkeley, where she won  two scholarships and a fellowship. She had previously completed her undergraduate studies at The University of Sydney, where her studies were supported by a teacher education Scholarship and where she won two Education Society prizes during the course of her studies and graduated Dux of her graduating year.

She worked as an early years’ teacher for the  New South Wales Department of Education  for several years She then took up an academic appointment at the University of Wollongong, where she worked for 20 years prior to commencing her current appointment.

Dr. Garth Stahl

Senior Lecturer at University of South Australia School of Education

Francois Victor Tochon

Talk: Ethnography of a Neoliberal School:Building Cultures of Success(?)
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Biography: Garth Stahl is a Senior Lecturer in Education at University of South Australia, a DECRA Fellow 2017-9 and visiting scholar at Western Sydney University.Stahl has taught in a variety of disadvantaged educational contexts including South London, UK for nine years and New York City, USA.His interest is in theories of sociology of education. Stahl’s research lies at the nexus of neoliberalism and socio-cultural studies of education, identity, equity/inequality, and social change. Currently, his research projects and publications encompass theoretical and empirical studies of learner identities, gender and youth, sociology of schooling in a neoliberal age, gendered subjectivities, equity and difference, and educational reform. Of particular interest is exploring neoliberal counternarratives around 'value' and 'respectability' for working-class youth.

Dr. Francois Victor Tochon

Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Francois Victor Tochon

Talk: Deep Education: Student Autonomy in Open Programs

Biography: Francois Victor Tochon, a Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is heading World Language Education in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, a Department ranked #1 of its specialty for 15 years in the United States. He has a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics (Laval), a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology (Ottawa), and has received three Honorary Doctorates from two universities in Argentina and Peru and one international Asia-Pacific association, as well as a Honorary Professorship from Henan University of Technology. With 42 books and more than 250 articles and book chapters to his credit, Professor Tochon has also been Visiting Professor in many universities in 20 countries. He is currently published in 14 languages. He received the 2010 Award of Best Review of Research from the American Educational Research Association. As President of the International Network for Language Education Policy Studies, Prof. Tochon received the 2012 Award of International Research Excellence from the University of Granada, Spain. He is among the 1% most visited profiles of LinkedIn. He is also the designer and Chairman of Deep University, an academic institution that proposes to students to design their own programs and degrees with the help of academic mentors. For the merits of the Deep Approach, Prof. Tochon was awarded the medal of the Council Chairperson of the Lions Club International, and the Quest medal of the Chairperson of the Lions Club International Foundation for Service to Humanity. His 2014 book Help Them Learn a Language Deeply became a best seller. His 2015 book Language Education Policy Unlimited received the Amazon Distinguished Book Award. International Ambassador for isIPAL in Australia, Prof. Tochon received the 2015 Excellence in Diversity Award from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the 2015 International Scholar Award of Shanghai Normal University, and 2015 Eminent Scholar Award from the University of Southern Queensland. In 2017, he organized a bi-continental conference on school inclusion and the identities of refugee migrant children, sponsored by the Spencer Foundation, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and at the University of Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Dr. Robyn Henderson

Associate Professor and Doctoral Programs Coordinator at University of Southern Queensland

Dr. Robyn Henderson

Talk: Managing literacy teaching and learning for ‘new’ and mobile students.
Presentation Slides available here. References available here.

Research interests:
Literacies, literacy learning and literacy pedagogy - early childhood, primary and middle years
Digital literacies, computer games and digital culture
Academic literacy
Diversity, social justice, disadvantage
Critical Discourse Analysis
Induction and professional learning

Professional memberships
Member of the National Executive of the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE)
Member of the American Educational Research Association (AERA)
Member of the European Education Research Association (EERA)
Member of the Australian Literacy Educators' Association (ALEA)
Member of the International Literacy Association (ILA)
Member of the Primary English Teaching Association Australia (PETAA)

Dr.Judith Green

Professor Emeritus, Ph.d., University of California, Berkeley

Dr. Judith Green

Judith Green is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Education, where she worked from 1990-2016. Her teaching and research focus on teaching-learning relationships, disciplinary knowledge as socially constructed, and ethnographic research and discourse studies of the patterns of everyday life in classroom.  

Dr. Green has been teaching for more than 4 decades across levels of schooling (K-20). She received her M.A. in Educational Psychology from California State University, Northridge (1970), where she learned about child and language development. She received her Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, where she explored the relationships between teaching and learning, literacy and knowledge construction. Her recent research focuses on how classroom practices support access to students across academic disciplines in classrooms and in virtual communities.

In her visit to UW she discusses and presents ideas on Career building.

Below are some resources from Dr. Judith Green's visit

Career Building As A Collective (PowerPoint)

Dr. Patricia Edwards

Professor, Michigan State Universtiy

Talk: Learning, Listening, Respecting, Navigating: An African American Woman's Success in Majority Institutions

Biography: Patricia A. Edwards, a member of the Reading Hall Fame is a Professor of Language and Literacy in the Department of Teacher Education, and a Senior University Outreach Fellow at Michigan State University. A nationally and internationally recognized expert in parent involvement, home, school, community partnerships, multicultural literacy, early literacy, and family/intergenerational literacy, especially among poor and minority children. She served as a member of the IRA Board of Directors from 1998–2001, and in 2006-2007 as the first African American President of the Literacy Research Association (formerly the National Reading Conference), and as President of the International Reading Association (2010-2011). She is currently the co-editor of the Michigan Reading Journal. She is the co-author of A Path to Follow: Learning to Listen to Parent (1999) with Heather M. Pleasants and Sarah H. Franklin, Bridging Literacy and Equity: The Essential Guide to Social Equity Teaching (2012) with Althier M. Lazar and Gwendolyn T. McMillon, and Change is Gonna Come: Transforming Literacy for African American Students (2010) with Gwendolyn T. McMillon and Jennifer D. Turner. At the 2011 annual meeting of the Literacy Research Association, Edwards and her co-authors were recognized for their book with the prestigious Edward B. Fry Book Award. This national award honors authors of an exceptional literacy research and practice book. Dr. Edwards is the author of Tapping the Potential of Parents: A Strategic Guide to Boosting Student Achievement Through Family Involvement (2009), Children literacy development: Making It Happen Through School, Family, and Community Involvement (2004), New Ways to Engage Parents: Strategies and Tools for Teachers and Leaders (2016), and co-editor of Best Practices in ELL Instruction (2010) with Guofang Li. In addition, Dr. Edwards is the author of one forthcoming books: Achieve! Aha Moments, Straight Talk, and Practical Solutions for Helping Students of Color Succeed. At the 2012 LRA annual meeting, Dr. Edwards received the Albert J. Kingston Service Award. In May at the annual meeting of the International Reading Association, Dr. Edwards received the 2014 IRA Jerry Johns Outstanding Teacher Educator in Reading Award. Dr. Edwards received the 2015 Michigan Reading Association’s Outstanding Teacher Educator Award. She has been invited to serve as an expert consultant for the Fulbright Specialist Program. She has also been invited to join Michigan State University (MSU) Leadership Learning Community: “Tending the Path Forward after Full Professor: Career Paths of Women Professors.” More recently, Dr. Edwards was invited to serve as external reviewer of the Language and Literacy Curriculum at Florida Atlanta University (January 2016) and Central Michigan University (March 2016).

Dr. Jennifer Reichenberg

Assistant Professor of Literacy Education at Medaille College - Buffalo, NY

Dr. Jennifer Reichenberg

Dr. Jennifer Reichenberg is an Assistant Professor of Literacy Education at Medaille College in Buffalo, NY.  She has worked with students and teachers in grades prekindergarten through grade 12 as a literacy specialist, literacy consultant, and literacy coach.  Dr. Reichenberg’s research focuses on literacy coaching and teacher development in diverse contexts.  She has presented her research at the annual conferences of the Literacy Research Association, American Educational Research Association, and New York State Reading Association.

Below are some resources from Dr. Reichenberg's visit

Reichenberg, J. S. (2017) A Model of Joint Action

A Model of Joint Action - Powerpoint

Getting the Word Out

Methodology PowerPoint

Story Behind Study

Dr. Andrew Peterson

Professor of Civic and Moral Education at Canterbury Christ Church University and Adjunct Professor of Education at University of South Australia

Andrew Peterson

Talk: Why Compassion and Humility Matter for Education Today

Bio: Andrew Peterson is Professor of civic and moral education at Canterbury Christ Church University, England and Adjunct Professor of Education at the University of South Australia. He has taught on a range of humanities and social science pre-service teacher education programmes in England and Australia. His research interests stem from the concept of citizenship, and take in political education, moral education, religious education and global education. He has published numerous journal articles and book chapters on these themes. His most recent book is Education, Globalization and the Nation (Palgrave, 2016; with Davies, Chong, Epstein, Peck, Ross, Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos Schmidt, Sears, and Sonu) and he has three books currently in press Civics and Citizenship Education in Australia: Challenges, Practices and International Perspectives (eds. Bloomsbury; with Tubdall); The Palgrave International Handbook of Education for Citizenship and Social Justice (eds. Palgrave; with Hattam, Zembylas, and Arthur); and Compassion and Education: Cultivating Compassionate Children, Schools and Communities (Palgrave). He is co-editor of Journal of Philosophy in Schools; book reviews editor of British Journal of Educational Studies; and, handling editor ofCitizenship Teaching and Learning. A former Australian Research Council DECRA research fellow, he is currently undertaking funded research on civic activism and education (Leverhulme) and school-based interventions for newly arrived, unaccompanied young people from conflict areas (KMPF).

Co-editor Journal of Philosophy in Schools

Dr. Mark Helmsing

Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Wyoming

Mark HelmsingTalk: A Disscusion on Historical Interpretation - Andrew Peterson & Mark Helmsing

Bio: “A former high school teacher, Mark Helmsing is an Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Wyoming. His work is centered on the teaching and learning of cultural/natural heritage in schools, museums, and popular culture. He has investigated how high school social studies educators frame, narrate, and construct different understandings and ideals of “America” (broadly defined) and is currently conducting two new studies: (1) how the U.S. West is framed, narrated, and constructed in both history curriculum and in history museums and (2) how conceptions of nature and wilderness appear when teaching about human-environment interactions both formally (in schools) and informally (in parks and museums).”

Dr. Gwen McMillon

Associate professor of Reading and Language Arts at Oakland University

Gwen McMillon

Talk: Crossing Borders and Building Bridges between Church and School Learning Environments for African American Students

Bio: Dr. Gwen McMillon is a graduate from Michigan State University. Her work explores effective ways to think about the cultural borders between various learning environments. In particular, she considers how the literacy skills that students gain in schools are related to the literacy skills they gain in extra-curricular spaces (e.g. churches). Dr. McMillon and her colleagues, Dr. Patricia Edwards and Dr. Jennifer Turner were the recipients of the 2011 Edward Fry Book Award (Literacy Research Association) for their book entitled: Change Is Gonna Come: Transforming Literacy Education for African American Students.

Dr. Mary McVee

Associate Professor of Literacy Education and Director of CLaRI (Center for Literacy and Reading Instruction) in the Graduate School of Education University at Buffalo/SUNY

Mary McVee

Uncovering Diversit(ies) through Multimodal Composing and Research: What Multimodality Brings to Teacher Education and Literacy Research

g>Bio: Mary B. McVee's research interests include positioning theory, digital literacies, embodiment, and multimodality; narrative analysis, and explorations of diversities. Her current funded research considers how disciplinary literacies pertain to the engineering design process in elementary settings. Professor McVee received the 2014 AERA (American Educational Research Association) Division K Mid-Career Award in recognition of her scholarly work in literacy and equity. Recent books include: Exploring diversity through multimodality, narrative, and dialogue: A framework for teacher reflection (McVee & Boyd, 2016); Video research in disciplinary literacies (Ortlieb, Shanahan, & McVee Eds., 2015); Video reflection in literacy teacher education and development: Lessons from research and practice (Ortlieb, McVee, & Shanahan, Eds., 2015).
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