Key to Subfamily Gomphocerinae

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G Lateral carinae not elevated, well marked by color in females, not marked in males; size medium to large; females green, brown and grey with light markings, occasionally blackish; males black; hind tibiae pink to red; wing bluish; widespread in eastern Colorado but generally not common.

Boopedon nubilum Say

G' Lateral carinae of pronotum moderately elevated, well marked by color; size small.
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H Face strongly to moderately vertical; tegmina with three or four large, distinct dark spots, often scalloped; hind tibiae tan to red-orange; widespread and common throughout eastern Colorado.
Head Top view of pronotum Internal tibial spurs
Phlibostroma quadrimaculatum (Thomas)

H' Face slanted back; tegmina without large, distinct spots but with dark band running the length of the tegmina, broken by irregular white areas; white streak below the anterior portion of the dark band; hind tibiae tan, sometimes spotted with brown; antennae usually expanded at tip; widespread and common in eastern Colorado.
Head Top view of pronotum
Eritettix simplex (Scudder)
[Eritettix variabilis Bruner is considered to be synonymous with E. simplex.]

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