Key to Subfamily Gomphocerinae

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E Tips of tegmina extending approximately to tip of abdomen; dark stripe extending posteriorly from eye across pronotum; light stripe beneath eye absent; 27 to 55 mm in length; widespread in eastern Colorado, occasionally abundant.
Head and pronotum Top view of pronotum
Mermiria bivittata (Serville)
[If a distinct dark band is present on dorsum of head and pronotum the specimen is probably M. texana with very weak lateral carinae.]

E' Tegmina usually much shorter than abdomen; dark stripe behind eye absent; light stripe present below eye, extending posteriorly; color uniform pale green, pink, tan or grey; 20 to 29 mm in length; widespread in eastern Colorado.
Head and pronotum Tegmen
Paropomala wyomingensis (Thomas)

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