Key to Subfamily Gomphocerinae

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E Lateral carinae of pronotum prominent and almost parallel; antennae sword-shaped; outer row of spines on hind tibiae 9 to 12; hind femora without bands on outer face; widespread and locally common, primarily in eastern Colorado.
Top view of pronotum Antenna Side view of pronotum
Opeia obscura (Thomas)

(Orphulella spp. will key to this point, if the fastigium of vertex is determined to be convex, and lateral carinae are determined to be almost parallel. The antennal segments near the base are wider than long in Opeia, but longer than wide in Orphulella.]
Basal antennal segments of Opeia obscura Basal antennal segments of Orphulella pelidna

E' Lateral carinae of pronotum not parallel, usually well constricted near middle, or hardly visible.
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F Internal spurs of hind tibiae equal in length.

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F' Internal spurs of hind tibiae decidedly unequal in length.

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