Key to Subfamily Gomphocerinae

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G Size medium; lateral carinae absent; hind tibiae white (sometimes tinted with lavender); tegmina with scattered brown spots; background color cream; wings colorless to pale yellow or blue; uncommon.
Top view of pronotum Tegmen
Cibolacris parviceps (Bruner)

G' Size small; lateral carinae of pronotum distinct and usually well marked by color; hind tibiae brown or tan; tegmina with a row of dark spots on blotches; wings colorless.
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H Frontal costa with strong lateral ridges, depressed between ridges; widespread and common.
Head Top view of pronotum Tegmen
Psoloessa delicatula (Scudder)

H' Frontal costa without strong lateral ridges; eastern Colorado.

Psoloessa texana (Scudder)

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