Key to Subfamily Gomphocerinae

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E Hind femora without dark bands or spots, except tip of femora dark; tegmina usually uniform, sometimes with a few small spots centrally; face and eyes slanting back; antennae long and heavy, darker distally; widespread but rarely common; usually in foothills and mountains.

Chorthippus curtipennis (Harris)
[Chortophaga viridifasciata will key to this point if the face is determined to be slanted back. Chortophaga has tegmina that exceed the tips of the hind femora, and pale yellow and black wings. Chorthippus has tegmina that do not reach the tips of the hind femora, and colorless wings.]

E' Hind femora, and usually tegmina, with dark bands and spots.

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F Hind tibiae orange or red.

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F' Hind tibiae brown, tan or white; adults present in early spring.

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