Key to the Subfamily Oedipodinae

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J Tegmina regularly and evenly marked throughout with large dark patches; wing discs pale yellow, wings with black band; mountains and foothills along the front range in Colorado; uncommon.

Trachyrhachys coronata (Scudder)

J' Tegmina irregularly marked and blotched with dark brown, not more than two or three large blotches.

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K Wing discs usually colorless with black veins, occasionally yellow with black bands; lateral lobes of pronotum usually with acute posterior angle; tegmina with blotches forming rather distinct bands; widespread and common.

Trachyrhachys kiowa Thomas

K' Wing discs yellow or red with apical one-third dark; lateral lobes of pronotum less acute than in T. kiowa, sometimes approaching a 90' angle posteriorly; tegmina with spots forming irregular bands; eastern foothills, extending to plains in northern Colorado.
Pronotum Tegmen
Trachyrhachys aspera (Scudder)

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