Key to the Subfamily Oedipodinae

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I Two transverse incisions, anterior incision often distinct; carina elevated between incisions; spots on tegmina less distinct and more irregular than on X. corallipes; (occasional specimens lack the light colored "V"); common in mountains; size medium.
Pronotum Tegmen
Cratypedes neglectus (Thomas)

I' Two transverse incisions in median carina, anterior incision not showing clearly and carina not elevated between incisions; tegmina mottled or spotted throughout; size variable, often large; adults present in early spring.

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J Tegminal markings clearly defined with large pale areas between; widespread and common.
Tegmen Wing
Xanthippus corallipes Haldeman

J' Tegminal markings weakly defined; uncommon.

Xanthippus montanus (Thomas)

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