Carlos E. LANGE

Carlos E. LANGE is a Research Scientist from the Scientific Investigations Commission (CIC) of Buenos Aires province, Argentina, working in the field of Insect Pathology at the Center for Parasitological Studies and Vectors (CEPAVE, La Plata National University), institute where he also serves as a member of the Scientific Advisory Council. Carlos obtained his PhD in Natural Sciences (Zoology) from La Plata University (UNLP) in 1986, and was a fellow from CIC (1983-89), the World Bank´s McNamara Fellowships Program (1985-86), and the Argentine/Brazilian Center for Biotechnology (CABBIO) (1991). He also was a Laboratory Assistant Professor of Protozoology at UNLP (1987, 89) and Subdirector of CEPAVE (1994-96). Since 1989 he served several times as a contracted Insect Pathologist for various USAID/Montana State University locust / grasshopper biocontrol projects in Africa (Cape Verde, Mali, Madagascar, Eritrea), performing basic research and providing training to African scientists and technicians. Through CABBIO, he is the Argentine Scientific Counterpart to a joint Argentine/Brazilian project for the control of grasshoppers and locusts. Between 1991-93 he was a Research Associate and Visiting Scientist at Montana State University (MSU) and the USDA Rangeland Insect Laboratory, respectively. His main interest is grasshopper pathology, subject in which he has authored or coauthored 50 publications. He discovered and/or studied new protozoan diseases in orthopteroids from Argentina, North America, and Africa. While Spanish is his mother tongue (he is a native of Argentina), he is fluent in English, and can interact in Portuguese.

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