Trimerotropis melanoptera McNeill

Common name - Black-winged grasshopper (Heifer, 1972).

Geographic distribution - Colorado and Utah south to Mexico (Hebard, 1929; Helter, 1972). In Colorado it can be found from the eastern plains to central Colorado (Hebard, 1929).

Colorado Distribution Map

Habitat - distribution is discontinuous. Prefers small, bare alkaline areas and openings of tall grass (Hebard, 1929; Mulkern et al., 1964).

Adult - medium size, slender. General color is grayish brown. Face is vertical; vertex is rounded. Antennae are slender. Dorsal posterior margin of pronotum is a rounded right angle. Median carina of pronotum is cut by two sulci. Tegmina have three indistinct bands. Wings are black with the basal fourth yellow and the apex clear. Inner face of hind femora is black with a pale band near the knee. Hind tibiae are orange. Lower surfaces of thorax and abdomen are tinged with red. Male length, 32 mm; female, 38 mm (Ball et al., 1942).
Pronotum (Side view) Wing

Seasonal history - adults can be found from June to September (Mulkern et al., 1964).

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