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44a Tegmina with spots small and tending to coalesce into longitudinal streaks. Inner face of hind femora pale orange with faint crossbands. Hind wing disks always yellow. Fastigium usually strongly sculptured and longer than wide. Hind femora with narrow lower flanges. Restricted to sandy open habitats...
Xanthippus montanus Thomas

44b Tegmina usually with large "leopard" spots, tending to coalesce into crossbands. Inner face of hind femora rich red or blue-black with red apex at low elevations; in mountains often partly yellowish or white and often with blackish crossbands. Hind wing disk usually yellow, but often orange, red, or pink in mountains. Fastigium usually nearly flat and not much longer than broad. Wide habitat range...
Xanthippus corallipes (Haldeman)

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