Nymphs of Hesperotettix viridis and Hypochlora alba

Hesperotettix viridis nymphs

Hypochlora alba nymphs

Instar 1: Body Length 5.2-6.1 mm Femur Length 2.4-3.1 mm
Antennal Segments 11-12

Instar 1: BL 5.5 mm FL 2.4 mm AS 11

Instar 2: BL 6-8 mm FL 3.7-4.2 mm AS 14-17

Instar 2: BL 5.2-8.3 mm FL 3-3.7 mm AS 13-15

Instar 3: BL 8.3-9.1 mm FL 4.9-5 mm AS 17-18

Instar 3: BL 8-10.5 mm FL 4.7-5.4 mm AS 17-18

Instar 4: BL 11-14.2 mm FL 6.3-7.7 mm AS 19-20

Instar 4: BL 9.6-12.6 mm FL 5.8-6.7 mm AS 18-20

Instar 5: BL 14.8-16 mm FL 7.7-10.4 mm AS 20-22

Instar 5: BL 11-18.2 mm FL 7.8-9.8 mm AS 21-22

1. H. viridis is medium green, H. alba pale green.
2. Antennae of H. viridis are black with segments having a pale anterior annulus, H. alba have green antennae and may be spotted or suffused with brown in the older instars.
3. H. viridis has medial area of hind femur medium green and spotted black in instars I and II, and medium green with black chevrons in instars III to V, H. alba has the medial area of hind femur pale green and spotted brown or medium green.

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