Key to the Subfamily Oedipodinae

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D Wings colorless or pale blue, without dark bands; head appearing disproportionately large; tegmina without bands, usually spotted; length 20-25 mm; eastern Colorado. (Now considered to be a Gomphocerine.)

Heliaula rufa (Scudder)

D' Wing disc faintly to strongly colored yellow and with dark band present; tegmina with bands; head appearing small to normal in size; inner face of hind femora dark blue; length 29-46 mm; eastern Colorado (in some specimens the cells of the tegmen are regularly quadrilateral).

Hadrotettix trifasciatus (Say)

[If wing disc is blue refer back to Leprus; if inner face of hind femora are orange or red basally see Trimerotropis magnifica.]

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