Separation of Related Insects Families

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D Usually wingless with a strongly arched back; front tibia without auditory organ.


GRYLLACRIDIDAE, camel crickets and cave crickets
[These are obscure, nocturnal insects usually found in moist habitats. They may feed on plants but rarely become sufficiently abundant to inflict damage; see Ceuthophilus and related spp. - but see also Anabrus simplex, which is easily confused with camel crickets.]

D' Usually with wings; front tibiae with auditory organs.

TETTIGONIIDAE, katydids and longhorned grasshoppers PROPHALANGOPSIDAE, primitive katydids (Anabrus simplex)
[These usually are large, flattened, green insects. They are of little economic significance except for the wingless Mormon cricket; see Anabrus simplex]

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