Key to Acrididae Subfamilies

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B Vertex and front meeting at an angle, face slanted back [this character is difficult to discern in a few genera]; median carina of pronotum low; wings usually colorless; antennae usually slightly flattened, sometimes strongly flattened.
Head and pronotum of Paropomala wyomingensis Head and pronotum of Acrolophitus hirtipes Head of Chorthippus curtipennis

Head of Amphitornus coloradus Head of Aeropedellus clavatus Head of Ageneotettix deorum
{Note that in many cases the face only weakly slants back.
Also note that occasionally, as in A. hirtipes, the median carina is raised.}
Head of Stenobothrus brunneus Head of Phlibostroma quadrimaculatum


B' Vertex and front forming a rounded surface; face nearly vertical, not strongly slanted back; median carina of pronotum usually distinctly raised to form a sharp ridge; wings often brightly colored; antennae usually thread-like, not flattened. {Also, large, thick-bodied, without distinctly raised median carina; reduced tegmina spotted with black.}
Head of Trimerotropis pallidipennis Head of Arphia pseudonietana
Head of Metator pardalinus Pronotum of Spharagemon collare
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