Key to the Melanoplus Species

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E Subgenital plate of male deeply grooved vertically at apex; hind tibiae red or blue; widespread and abundant, often a serious pest.
Back view of subgenital plate Furculae Side view of abdomen tip of male
Melanoplus sanguinipes (Fabricius)

E' Subgenital plate of male rounded posteriorly.

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F Cerci of males not markedly wide; about four times as long as wide; hind tibiae usually red; widespread and sometimes common.

Melanoplus gladstoni Scudder

F' Cerci of males obviously wide, about twice as long as wide; hind tibiae green-blue; southeastern Colorado.

Melanoplus glaucipes (Scudder)

[Occasional long winged specimens of Melanoplus kennicotti will key to this point but can be differentiated by their
red-orange tibiae.]

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