Key to Wyoming Grasshoppers Contents

Figure 1. Side view of male grasshopper.

Figure 2. Front view of head of a grasshopper.

Figure 3. Ventral view of thorax and part of abdomen of Schistocerca lineata.

Figure 4. Tegmen and hind wing of grasshopper, dorsal view. 1A, 2A, 3A, primary anal veins; C, costa; 1Cu, first cubitus; 2Cu, second cubitus; Ic, intercalary; I, J, secondary anal veins of first anal plait; K, first concave anal vein; L, second concave anal vein; M, media; R, radius; R1, first branch of radius; Rs, radial sector; r, first anal plait; Sc, subcosta; VD, vena dividens. (Right hand figures after Brooks)

Figure 5. Dorsolateral view of end of abdomen of male grasshopper.

Key to Wyoming Grasshoppers Contents