Key to the Melanoplus Species

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G Cerci with small thumb-like projections as seen from rear; furculae nearly one-half length of supra-anal plate; plains of eastern Colorado.
Back view of cerci Cercus Top view of abdomen tip of male
Melanoplus arizonae Scudder

G' Cerci without thumb-like projections; furculae less than one-fourth length of supra-anal plate.

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H Cerci expanded dorsally and ventrally, at least somewhat boot-shaped although "heel" may be reduced; tip of cerci strongly twisted dorsally; an early season species; widespread in Colorado.

Melanoplus confusus Scudder

H' Cerci not boot-shaped, tip bent inward and slightly expanded dorsally but not ventrally; a late season species; widespread in Colorado.
Side view of subgenital plate and cercus Furculae Back view of subgenital plate
Melanoplus gladstoni Scudder

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