Kennicott Grasshopper

Melanoplus kennicotti Scudder

Fig. 1, First instar Body Length 4-5.9 mm, Femur Length 2.2-3.3 mm, Antennal Segments 12-14.

Fig. 2, Second instar BL 6.3-7.2 mm, FL 3.5-3.6 mm, AS 14-16.

Fig. 3, Third Instar BL 7.8-9.6 mm, FL 4.4-4.9 mm, AS 16-19.

Fig. 4, Fourth Instar BL 10.5-15.5 mm, FL 6.5-7.8 mm, AS 19-21.

Fig. 5, Fifth Instar BL 13.5-18 mm, FL 7.7-9.1 mm, AS 21-22.

Fig. 9, Side of head and pronotal lobe showing crescent, instar V.

Fig. 10, Melanoplus kennicotti egg pod and exposed eggs.

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